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Announcement from the Dark ÆSIR

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[size="5"]ÆSIR - Dark Templar oDoAP
The "How do we make that AE symbol?" accords[/size][/center]

ÆSIR and Dark Templar agree to the following:
[*]We are both sovereign entities
[*]If one of us is attacked, the other signatory has the right but is not obligated to come to the defense of the attacked
[*]If one of us find it necessary to declare an offensive war, the other signatory has the right but is not obligated to assist in said war
[*]We will share any information pertinent to the safety of one another
[*]Someone will teach Doch how to make the Æ character... someday
If either ÆSIR or Dark Templar no longer feel that this treaty represents the relationship of our two alliances it can be dissolved after a 48 hour period, after which a 7 day non aggression pact will be in place.

[b]Signed for ÆSIR:[/b]

Jarl: James Maximus

Landvættir of War: Decedere
Landvættirr of External Affairs: Gingervites[/i]

[b]Signed for The Dark Templar:[/b]
[i]Myworld, Dark Trimuviar
Supa Troop3r, Dark Trimuviar
Titan, Dark Trimuviar
Fort Pitt, Foreign Affairs
CzarBomba, Financial Operations[/i]

Edited by James Maximus
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