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Operation Atlas-01


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[b]Somewhere Deep in the mountains of New Spain[/b]

Lord Henri Garcia stood at a podium inside the Stratego a complex buried deep in the mountains west of the capital. It served housing the nations military network and stood as the central hub for military matters within the nation. It stood buried deep within the mountains and was reinforced with a number of structural improvements of the latest designs...tonight the usually docile complex was full of activity. A myriad of senior military officials from all branches of the military had convened this evening for an emergency briefing but what exactly, could not be said...not yet at least. Henri stood tall as the last of the men gathered to their positions waiting on his permission to sit.

"Gentlemen, please take your seats." He paused allowing them to sit at attention. "Now, no doubt your wondering why I've gathered you here today. Well to put it in the most serene fashion; we have steadily been monitoring intelligence via our various networks that have revealed a number of things to us. Chief among them our concerns with the falling state of our neighbors in the south have been confirmed...the rumors of civil war tearing apart the Holy American Empire are no longer simply rumors but truths. The whole of the Holy American Empire has been ravaged by this conflict between two factions vying for control of the nation. We have reports that there have been massive casualties from this conflict and entire cities have been leveled by it...we will not know for sure how bad things are down there until we land boots on the ground...which is why where gathered here today" Henri paused before pulling up his milcom PDA device and sent his war-plans to respective departments. The room soon lit up to LED screens and grew silent for a brief moment before Henri began again.

"As you'll see Operation Atlas-01 calls for a two-pronged invasion of HAE lands in order to secure them for New Spain; Operation Atlas-0 is the pacifying of Holy American Empire lands west of New Spain in Southern California, Baja, and the islands near and surrounding the Gulf of California; Command will be given to the 5th Army under General Hector Hernado. Operation Atlas -1 will be our efforts to secure Holy American Empire lands in Central America stopping on the northern coast of the Panama Canal; Command is given to Army Group A under General Ignacio de Valencia. See that your respective orders are carried through to the fullest. A note concerning Operation A-0 we have confirmed reports that Novarian assets have began to trickle in through the northern border in an attempt to secure these lands. Ignore them, Foreign affairs will order them to cease and desist from their efforts; should they fail too we will launch the full might of our forces onto their heads. Until that time arrives however; do keep your men in line. That will be all gentlemen, godspeed." Within minutes the cadre of military officers and officials began to stream out of the room and began to make the necessary orders to their respective command posts.


Due to the country being mobilized earlier in the month the military was already fully equipped and prepared for the Operation orders would be distributed and in effect within 6 hours. Within 12 hours the entirety of Operation Atlas-01 would be underway. The 5th Army would comprise of 4 corps given their respective orders.1st -4th Assault Corps would be equipped with a mobile rocket batteries, M-1 Cerberus tanks, MICFV's, engineers, and their respective infantry divisions. The 1st corps would be assigned to make way west through the westernmost border of Baja and make their way south through the Baja coast to secure population centers and dispose of any resistance. 2nd corps would follow a supporting role with elements of it being air-lifted to the surrounding islands to secure the lands. The 3rd corps would be assigned a similar route diverging at the Baja border and making their way North West into Southern California with primary goals being to secure Los Angeles, San Diego, and surrounding population centers in the North-east of the land. 4th corps would follow in a supplemental route and secure lands in the North west. Paratrooper elements would be deployed alongside air-lift elements in conjunction with each corp first numbering 10,000 per corp.

Army Group A would be dived into 4 Armies each with their respective assault composition and given their individual tasks to secure the land. 1st Army would make their way through the southern border of New Spain and making their way south through the snaky Yucatan Peninsula to secure the entirety of Mexico proper. 2nd Army would be tasked with securing Guatemala & Honduras. 3rd Army would be assigned Nicaragua & Costa Rica. 4th Army given the task of securing Panama and the Panama Canal.

1st-4th Aerial Supremacy Wing would be tasked with securing the air over Baja & Southern California and providing support to the 5th Army. With a full compliment of F-99's, AWAC's, UAV's, EWAC's, and a compliment of other support craft. While the 5th-9th Aerial Supremacy Wings would be tasked with providing cover and ground-support for Army Group A. 384 craft would be involved in all divided into 48 craft per wing.

CJTF-1 would be assigned with providing naval support in the Gulf of California and surrounding islands with a compliment of Battleships, Frigates, Cruisers, Destroyers, providing support to the Carrier Air-Group HMN-Supremacy. CJTF-2 would be assigned the same role in the Gulf of Mexico going south into the Carribean Sea on the Eastern Side of the Panama Canal. CJTF-3 would be assigned a complimentary role on the North Pacific Ocean on the western side of the Panama Canal. Each Task Force would hold a myriad of vessels providing complimentary support for the carriers in each. Task Unit HK-1 would be assigned to hunt down any enemy submarines in support of CJTF-1, each CJTF would have a task unit of Hunter killer submarines assigned the same support tasks.

In all over 800,000 men would be deployed into action. 200,000 being in the 5th Army divided between it's 4 Corps composed of 50,000 each. While Army Group A would be comprised of 800,000 men divided between it's 4 armies divided between 200,000 a piece.

[/b][center][font="Georgia"][size="5"]Official Announcement from New Spain[/size][/font][/center][center][img]http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj47/Phoenix-Owned/NewSpainFlag.jpg[/img][/center]

Today, New Spain has embarked on an effort to pacify and secure all lands within the Holy American Empire excluding the entirety of the South American continent & Caribbean Islands. That is to say we have dispatched forces to secure all lands north of Columbia in an effort to restore order in these lands where chaos has reigned supreme over these many months. As we speak over 800,000 men and women are being deployed into theaters throughout Central America, California, & Baja with compliments of aerial and naval support. We will be providing humanitarian aid to any Holy American Empire citizens within these battered lands. It is our intent to restore order and reunify these cultural heritages under the banner of the Kingdom of New Spain.

We have also received word of a Noverian military elements swarming into Southern California & Baja. We demand Noveria retract these elements and desist from interfering with our sphere of influence. Should they persist New Spain is poised to defend her rights to the sovereignty of these lands so as to protect them from Noverian expansionist tendencies.

[i]His Majesty the King of New Spain[/i]
[i]Enrique Bourbon[/i]

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