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Complaining and Grieving

Soviet Limburg

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[b]Official CnG announcement[/b][/center]

[b][i]Comrades, friends, Bobians and remaining scum...[/i][/b] Today we are here to celebrate the acceptance of a new member of the most awesome bloc of alliances on planet Bob, quite obviously Complaints & Grievances. After having seen the sun rise in the [i]Pacific[/i]... We have unanimously decided to accept the application of the [b]Global Alliance and Treaty Organization[/b]. We deemed them to be outstanding friends that are committed to go further for their friends than most other alliances.

So, without further ado, I'll present you our signatures:

[b]For [i]The International[/i]:[/b]
The Congress of the International

[b]For [i]The Last Remnants[/i]:[/b]
Voodoo Nova, Triumvir
Mandellav, Triumvir
Rush Sykes, Triumvir

Jgoods45, Minister of Foreign Affairs
stealthypenguin93, Minister of Defense
Don Pedro, Minister of Internal Affairs
Avery, Minister of Economics

Cameronious, Senate Leader
Stefano Palmieri, Senator
Devilyn Caster, Senator
Floul1, Senator
MU, Senator

[b]For the [i]Orange Defense Network[/i]:[/b]

Secretary-General: eZe
Assistant SecGen: Max Cristof
Secretary of Defense: Zaxon
Secretary of State: Finnish Commie
Secretary of Interior: Vitsen
Secretary of Economics: DSwan

Senate XLIII:OsRavan, Chaoshawk, Walling, Yankeesfan924, Italiarule

[b]For the [i]Global Alliance and Treaty Organization[/i]:[/b]
letub, Assembly Chairman
Laslo Kenez, Minister of Foreign Affairs
48th Congress of GATO

[b]For the [i]New Pacific Order[/i]:[/b]
No signatures were received...


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