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Ibizan Secret Intelligence Service

King Timmy

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[b]Ibizan Secret Intelligence Service:[/b] A Private PMC that deals in intelligence and sabotage
[b]Contact:[/b] services@isis.ibz
[b]Prices:[/b] Case by case basis
[b]Affiliation:[/b] N/A

[b]Location:[/b] ISIS Headquarters, Eivissa Harbour
[b]Time:[/b] 0855

Neil Waters' steps echoed down the dimly lit corridor on the top floor of the Ibizan Secret Intelligence Service headquarters. He stopped briefly to look out one of the panoramic windows overlooking the harbour of Eivissa. There were many large yachts coming and going and the ferry had just arrived from Formentera. He watched the tourists disembark and noticed what were probably pickpockets make their way towards the large crowd of people. The Dalt Villa was in the background. It was often used as a good place to meet, the battlements provided the perfect place to walk and talk without risking being overheard and a tail was very easy to spot up there as well. The ISIS HQ was labelled a casino on the outside. Although it was not entirely a lie it was not the complete truth. The bottom floor did contain a casino but it was not open to the general public, only a very select clientele of local people with the occasional guest was permitted to enter as they would have very strict background checks done first. The large tower resembled a hotel however only three floors contained rooms that were available for guests and they were all very large suites that only the super rich could possibly hope to afford.

Waters continued on down the corridor to the door at the end behind which a meeting was about to commence. He stopped briefly to check his appearance, again looking in the window. His hair was fair, parted on the left side of his head and neatly gelled down. He had blue eyes, both of which had hints of red veins showing as well as being underlined by a hint of black. His tiredness was not unexpected though having just finished his previous assignment. This was his first day back at the office so to speak and he was glad of it. He pressed his grey, three piece suit with his hands taking out any minor creases that had appeared since he donned it that morning. A quick look at his Oxford shoes confirmed to him that they were still as clean as when he had polished them earlier in the day. With his final check completed he opened the door and entered the room.

He was early for the meeting as was normal, however he was still last to enter the room. Merely nodding to several people seated around the large rectangular oak table, without a word he took his seat. There were eight people in the room now. On the left side of the table were Knight, Rook and Pawn while on the right were Queen, Bishop and Board. At the head of the table was Waters and beside him oh his left was the man in charge of ISIS, King. These were of course their code names for which Chess seemed like an appropriate basis. It had been suggested by Waters himself, who was known as Player. As he sat, the meeting commenced with King speaking the first words.

"Today we welcome back Player, who after successfully completing his last assignment has decided to grace us with his presence. It is a good time for his return as well. We could be at war within the week thanks to the Kingdom of Cochin upsetting most of europe. They have vacated the former USI but not without incident, they decided it would be a good idea to have a bit of a fireworks show and destroy half an island. Hopefully this won't lead to anything but we have to be ready just in case. Knight and Rook, I want you to prepare for the worst for this one, regular set up please." He passed them each a folder containing everything they would need to know about the situation.

"We all need to be alert and ready for the worst. Pawn and Queen, I want you to keep an eye on Great Britain. I trust them as much as I trust my ex-wife and like them even less. All this talk of reunification might sit well with most expats and by extension the government but it screams expansionism to me. Bishop and Board I have a special request from the Senator for information gathering on the Lootan Emirate, he even paid in advance. Get a team together ASAP." He handed out the remaining folders to the agents.

"That's all I have for you today, any questions?" No-one spoke. "I won't keep you any longer then." He said raising his hand towards the door and they all roes to leave. With the same hand he had already raised, he stopped Waters from rising by placing it on his shoulder. Everyone looked at him and then at each other before exiting the room, not one seeming more surprised or worried than the other. They all knew he was King's man through and through and it was not the first time he had kept Player behind to give him an assignment. They were not worried, although one of them should be. As soon as the room had emptied King explained the situation to Waters.

"We have a problem." Started King. His eyes were those of an old man filled with worry. He continued. "One of the six men that just left this room is a traitor. Someone has been leaking information that has come straight from this room. I want you to find out who it is. Keep this to your self, if anyone asks what you're doing you tell them you're liaising with the Formentera branch on narcotics. I have a man waiting for you there with more information on the matter, you'll leave immediately and meet him there."

Waters knew this would be his most difficult assignment to date. It would not be easy and it would not be fun but it was necessary. He left the room, not looking anyone in the eye as he left the building.

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