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Ibizan Department of Defence

King Timmy

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[size="7"][b]Current Military state: [/b]DEFCON 3[/size]

[size="7"][b]Ibizan Air Force
480 x F-23 Black Widow
36 x E-23 Electric Widow
96 x F-35B Lightning
12 x E-35G Electric Lightning
108 x A-10 Thunderbolt

48 x B-1R Lancers
48 x B-2 Spirits

90 x AH2 Comanche
90 x AH1 Apache

120 x Lynx Wildcat
120 x Merlin AW101
120 x Chinook HC3
96 x V-22 Osprey

12 x MQ-11 Reaper II

12 x E-769 AWACS
12 x E-4D Advanced Hawkeye AWACS

12 x KC-769 AAR Tanker

[size="7"][b]Ibizan Navy[/b]
[b]18 Astute Class Submarines[/b]
ISSN Ambush, ISSN Artful, ISSN Audacious, ISSN Agamemnon, ISSN Anson, ISSN Ajax
ISSN Brawl, ISSN Beware, ISSN Binary, ISSN Bold, ISSN Brave, ISSN Belief
ISSN Charger, ISSN Chariot, ISSN Chandhok, ISSN Chivalry, ISSN Charming, ISSN Chimera

[b]6 Ohio Class Submarines[/b]
ISSBN Vanguard, ISSBN Victorious, ISSBN Vicarious, ISSBN Victor, ISSBN Vigilant, ISSBN Vengeance

[b]7 F101 Class Frigates[/b]
IRS Initiative, IRS Vigour, IRS Incursion, IRS Agression, IRS Defiance, IRS Deliverance, IRS Ascension

[b]8 America Class Amphibious Assault Ships[/b]
IRS Eivissa, IRS San Antonio, IRS Santa Eulalia, IRS Santa Gertrudis
IRS San Juan, IRS San Josep, IRS Formentera, IRS San Miguel

[size="7"][b]Ibizan Army
488,000 Personnel
4800 Challenger III Tanks
4800 Warrior II IFVs
4800 Star Streak II SAMs
4800 PzH 4000s
2400 Jackal II TSVs
2400 Coyote II TSVs
2400 Panther II CLVs
2400 Mastiff II 2s
2400 Humvee M1111

[b]Ibizan Army Structure[/b]
Each corps of 80000 men is divided into 8 Regiments designated 1st to 8th. Each Regiment is made up of 10000 men and divided into 10 Battalions of 1000 men. Each Battalion is divided into 10 Platoons of 100 men and each Platoon is divided into 5 squads of 20 men containing 5 fireteams of 4 men.

[b]Ibizan Engineers Corps[/b] (IEC)
The Ibizan Engineers are the first in and last out in any war zone. From setting up Operating Bases to clearing mines the Engineers perform a wide range of roles including bridges and demolition.

[b]Ibizan Marines Corps[/b] (IMC)
The Ibizan Marine Corps are the amphibious assault infantry. Operating from Ships of the Ibizan Navy, these men can attack from the sea and are capable of fighting on any terrain.

[b]Ibizan Infantry Corps[/b] (IIC)
The Ibizan Infantry Corps are soldiers who are specifically trained for the role of fighting on foot to engage the enemy face to face, to kill or capture him, to seize and hold ground and to repel attack, by day or night, regardless of season, weather or terrain

[b]Ibizan Armoured Corps[/b] (IArC)
The Ibizan Armoured Corps are the operators of the Ibizan Army's Armoured Fighting Vehicles.

[b]Ibizan Artillery Corps[/b] (IAtC)
The Ibizan Artillery Corps operate the Ibizan Army's artillery, and co-ordinate with the Ibizan Navy and Air Force for air strikes.

[b]Ibizan Airborne Corps[/b] (IAbC)
The Ibizan Airborne Corps Paratroopers are soldiers trained in parachuting and generally operate as part of an airborne force. Paratroopers are used for tactical advantage as they can be inserted into the battlefield from the air, thereby allowing them to be positioned in areas not accessible by land.

[b]Ibizan Special Forces [/b](ISF)
The best of the best in the Ibizan military. Members from the PRA, PRAF and PRN all compete to be selected for the most prestigious section of the military. It is a test of strength, endurance, and resolve. They must endure months of gruelling selection and training process and come out on top to be selected. Their motto is "Non deditio!", translated from the latin to "Never surrender!" It comprises of 8,000 men.

[b]Ibizan Logistics Corps[/b] (ILC)
The men and women of the Ibizan Logistics Corps keep the People's Republic Army running. It is made up of 60,000 Men and Women (Non-combat).

[size="7"][b]SSBN - Agressive Nuclear Force[/b][/size]

[b]Ohio Class Submarine[/b]
Each submarine carries 24 submarine launched ballistic missiles that can be launched from any depth. Each missile can carry 12 warheads. This means there is a total of 1,152 warheads currently in service in the Ibizan Navy on balistic missiles.

[b]Astute Class Submarine[/b]
Armed with the Hypersonic Class cruise missile which can be fitted with a tactical nuclear warhead which has a variable yield from 5kt to 200kt.

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60,000 troops along with armour were loaded into transport ships with protection from the Ibizan Navy in preparation for an operation that would commence immediately.

They would set sail loaded with aid supplies they would distribute when they arrive.

Ibizan Air Force F-22s would patrol the airs above the target zone to provide safety for the civilians below.

The Ibizan navy would set up a blockade for all but friendly naval vessels and any additional aid vessels inbound for the shore.

It would not be a long journey, they would arrive very soon.

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[size="5"][b]New Armament of the Ibizan Military[/b][/size]

[size="3"][b]Type-101 Assault Rifle[/b][/size]
Based on the HK 416 it will be the main weapon used by the infantry.
[b]Cartridge:[/b] 5.56x45mm NATO
[b]Action:[/b] Gas-operated, rotating bolt
[b]Rate of fire:[/b] 700-900 rounds/min (cyclic)
[b]Muzzle velocity:[/b] 884 m/s
[b]Feed system:[/b] 30-round STANAG magazine or 100-round Beta C-Mag
[b]Sights:[/b] Red dot scope with backup pop-up iron sights
[b]Other Features:[/b] Adjustable folding stock, 40mm Grenade launcher

[size="3"][b]Type-201 Designated Marksman Rifle[/b][/size]
Based on the SR-25 this will provide accurate long range semi-automatic fire to the infantry.
[b]Cartridge:[/b] 7.62x51mm NATO
[b]Action:[/b] Gas-operated, rotating bolt
[b]Rate of fire:[/b] Semi-Automatic
[b]Muzzle velocity:[/b] 783 m/s
[b]Feed system:[/b] 10 or 20-round detachable box magazine
[b]Sights:[/b] TR20 3-9x40 Riflescope
[b]Other Features:[/b] Adjustable stock and cheek rest, Folding bipod

[size="3"][b]Type-301 and 302 SpecOps Rifles[/b][/size]
Based on the SCAR-H and SCAR-L they will be used by the Marines and special forces.
[b]Cartridge:[/b] 7.62x51mm NATO
[b]Action:[/b] Gas-operated, rotating bolt
[b]Rate of fire:[/b] 625 rounds/min
[b]Muzzle velocity:[/b] 714 m/s
[b]Feed system:[/b] 10 or 20-round detachable box magazine
[b]Sights:[/b] ACOG 6x48
[b]Other Features:[/b] Adjustable folding stock, Forward grip, attachable Silencer

[b]Cartridge:[/b] 5.56x45mm NATO
[b]Action:[/b] Gas-operated, rotating bolt
[b]Rate of fire:[/b] 625 rounds/min
[b]Muzzle velocity:[/b] 870 m/s
[b]Feed system:[/b] 30-round STANAG magazine
[b]Sights:[/b] Red dot scope
[b]Other Features:[/b] Adjustable folding stock, Forward grip, attachable Silencer

[size="3"][b]Type-401 Submachine Gun[/b][/size]
Based on the MP5 it will be used by aircrew, armoured vehicle crew and CQB.
[b]Cartridge:[/b] 9x19mm Parabellum
[b]Action:[/b] Roller-delayed blowback, closed bolt
[b]Rate of fire:[/b] 800 rounds/min
[b]Muzzle velocity:[/b] 400 m/s
[b]Feed system:[/b] 30-round box magazine
[b]Sights:[/b] Red dot scope
[b]Other Features:[/b] Adjustable folding stock, Forward grip

[size="3"][b]Type-401S Submachine Gun[/b][/size]
A silenced version of the 401 SMG will be used for CQB where silence is essential.
[b]Cartridge:[/b] 9x19mm Parabellum
[b]Action:[/b] Roller-delayed blowback, closed bolt
[b]Rate of fire:[/b] 700 rounds/min
[b]Muzzle velocity:[/b] 285 m/s
[b]Feed system:[/b] 30-round box magazine
[b]Sights:[/b] Red dot scope
[b]Other Features:[/b] Adjustable folding stock, Forward grip

[size="3"][b]Type-501 Anti-Material Rifle[/b][/size]
Based on the Barrett M82 it will provide forces with a .50 BMG firing sniper rifle.
[b]Cartridge:[/b] .50 BMG (12.7x99mm NATO)
[b]Action:[/b] Bolt-action
[b]Muzzle velocity:[/b] 853 m/s
[b]Feed system:[/b] 10-round detachable box magazine
[b]Sights:[/b] 2.5-10x56 Rifle Scope
[b]Other Features:[/b] Folding Bipod, adjustable cheek rest

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The Task Force and aid flotilla has currently completed part of it's journey to the target in the Med.

Estimated time of arrival is 6 hours.

Additional aid ships have been dispatched from Eivissa carrying supplies and building equipment needed to additional set up camps and aid delivery points.

It has been dubbed Operation Restoration.

[size="7"][b]Future Force Warrior[/b][/size]

The Future Force Warrior project has just been awarded funding by the Ibizan Senate.

Development has begun to modernise the Ibizan footsoldier and all existing military hardware.

They have already begun rolling out of factories and are already in service. All AFVs and Aircraft are brand new models for the new age of warfare, they are all built to the highest specification possible.

This includes extended range Hypersonic Class cruise missiles that can be launched from land, air or sea both above and below the water.

All soldiers will be equipped with the following:

[b]Headgear Subsystem[/b]
The Headgear Subsystem, described in the Concept by FFW development team at Natick as Information Central, is the situational awareness hub of the system. It would include integrated tactical processing by providing maps, routes, and data with a 180° emissive visor display, high bandwidth wireless communications, microelectronic/optics combat sensor suite that provides 360° situational awareness, and integrated small arms protection.

In the current development program, the FFW Advanced Technology Demonstrator (ATD), this subsystem is labeled Sensors & Communications Vision. Its current capabilities would provide networked FFW-equipped small units with robust team communications using JTRS Cluster 5 Soldier Radio Waveform, state-of-the-art distributed and fused sensors, organic tactical intelligence/collection assets, enhanced situational understanding, embedded training, on-the-move planning, and linkage to other Future Combat System assets.

[b]Combat Uniform Subsystem[/b]
The FFW project aims to help protect the soldier by providing full-body bullet and fragmentation protection. In the original concept, the Combat Uniform Subsystem, also known as Survivability Central, is subdivided into three layers, the Protective Outer Layer, the Power Centric Layer, and the Life Critical Layer.

Currently, under the Survivability Vision given by the Army's ATD, bullet-resistant armor provides protection to the upper arms, the upper legs and the chest and abdomen. These are currently made from bullet-resistant fibers such as Kevlar and hard ceramics but a joint Army-MIT subprogram is developing a ferrofluid smart material composed of iron particles suspended in a silicon oil that harden within milliseconds when a current is applied. However, the development team at MIT has said that it will likely take five to ten years before the substance is made truly bullet resistant. They are also looking into a material called M5 fiber which is much stronger in the fields of slash, ballistic, and fire protection and is much lighter than Kevlar.

In addition, Armor Holdings, Inc. has developed a product that is similar to the Army-MIT program, a "Shear-Thickening Liquid" armor additive produced from a mixture of polyethylene glycol, a polymer found in laxatives and other consumer products, and nanobits of silica, or purified sand. When struck with a significant impact, the armor stiffens instantly into a shield, then reverts to its liquid state just as fast when the energy from the projectile dissipates. The new armor, originally envisioned to be spread on like peanut butter, is instead sprayed onto Kevlar in ultra-thin coats. Armor Holdings planned to begin to promote this new armor in 2007, but it is not sure if this will be used as a substitute for the Army's Survivability Vision.

[b]Weapons Subsystem[/b]
In the original FFW Concept, the Weapon Subsystem, nicknamed Lethality Central, is a pistol-like combat weapon used for both indirect fire and direct fire. Weighing 5 pounds (2.3 kg) and using firearms technology, the pepper-box weapon fires 15 mm cold-launched, guided rounds stacked in 4 tubes with another tube loaded with high velocity 4.6 mm projectiles as a close combat personal defense weapon.

The FFW will also have a new experimental weapon called the ElectroDart. It is a type of gun which delivers electric shocks to the opposing enemy through wires when the gun is fired. The voltage of the gun is roughly 50,000 volts.

Under the FFW ATD, the Army's Lethality Vision proposes an integrated, advanced, lightweight weapons system with fire control software and hardware that is optimized for urban combat. The infantryman would be able to synchronize direct and indirect fires from Future Combat System and other networked platforms.

[b]Warfighter Physiological Status Monitor Subsystem[/b]
WPSM is an on-board physiological and medical sensor suite that would collect and monitor information regarding vital signs such as body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, hydration and stress levels, sleep status, body positioning and workload capacity of the warrior. If necessary, the WPSM can notify medics and commanders if the soldier has been wounded or has become fatigued.

Under the Advanced Technology Demonstration program, the physiological sensors of the WPSM are part of the Mobility, Sustainability and Human Performance Vision. The Army's overall vision for this unit would be to provide "On the Move hydration" and hydration monitoring, as well as monitoring of the soldier's cognitive states, blood pressure, blood rate, stress levels, overall well-being, and much more.

The sensors used for WPSM are being developed as part of the soldiers Army Combat Shirt, ACS. Several companies are now supplying this technology as a stand alone system for PSM for first responders and soldiers.[3] This early roll out of the technology is seen as the correct approach of the Future Force Warrior program as it enables the technology to be used in real world environments and further application learning in parallel to larger system integration. Cost is a major barrier to FFW and the sooner technologies become Commercial off the Shelf, COTS, the sooner wider deployment is possible.

[b]Microclimate Cooling System[/b]
The Microclimate Cooling System, built into the Life Critical Layer, is a network of narrow tubing that would provide 100 watts of heating or cooling to the soldier.

Currently, the Future Force Warrior Cooling System (FFW-CS) being developed circulates chilled water through a special heat-transfer garment. The cooled circulating fluid pulls metabolic heat from the soldier's body and transfers it into the environment through its condenser. The main condenser unit can provide 120 W cooling power in a 95 °F (35 °C) environment, with an average power consumption of 35 W and weight of 3.5 pounds (1.6 kg), excluding the power source. A fully functional demonstration prototype was exhibited in 2008.

[b]Power Subsystem[/b]
The Power Subsystem, built into the Power Centric Layer, would be fed by the Duration Central, a 2 to 20 watt Micro Turbine fueled by a liquid hydrocarbon fuel pack. According to the concept, ten ounces of fuel would power the soldier's integrated electronics ensemble for up to 6 days. Polymeric nanofiber battery patches embedded in the headgear and weapon provide back-up power for three hours.

Listed under the Power Vision in the Advanced Technology Demonstrator, the current specifications ask for 24-hour autonomous individual operation and 72-hour continuous autonomous team operations, with a high density, low weight/volume, self-generating/re-generating, reliable, safe power source.

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[size="7"][b]Military Cloning Program Unveiled[/b][/size]

While many people may be wondering how an Island as small as Ibiza can sustain an army basically half the size of their population. Well today we can unveil the answer. Clones. Long ago the New Palma Republic perfected their methods of cloning and having been doing it ever since. The Ibizan Government has now taken over the facility that was on Ibiza and the production has been increased to fullfill the need for reserve soldiers to be held in stasis until there is a need for them to be awakened.

Currently there has been 488,000 produced that are of the correct age to serve in the armed service with regular additions to be expected in the future as they come of age. They grow up much more quickly and reach their peak physical age before their growth stops and they begin to age like a regular human being. Modifications have been made to stop them from breeding however as the result of what would happen is unknown. They are totally obedient and will obey any command given to them. They are brought up to be soldiers, training and learning from they day they can walk and read.

The move was welcomed by the public as a way to save husbands, brothers and childeren from being the ones who are lost in battle. The clones have no need for worldy possesions, by their own words, but still recieve the same payment a regular soldiers would. They progress through ranks aswell and are continue their lives in a career in the military as they grow older witht he same increasing pay grade. They have all the same rights as regular people also.

OOC: Recognise it or not it's how I'm accounting for the large military for my small population. No OOC/IC posts anyhow, the thread is closed and classified.

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[size="7"][b]Operation Restoration[/b][/size]

F-37Bs are ready to launch to provide defence should any resistance be found against the aid operation. They would patrol the skies as the aid operation was underway. Lynxs and Merlins have just taken off along with Ospreys and are nearing the coast bring both soldiers and aid to the shores of a nation that was presumed absent, a public announcement would be made once their airspace and territorial waters had been had been entered.

Many aid agency workers and the Ibizan Red Cross in total were ready to hand out food and supplies whilst keeping the peace would be 80,000 troops.

It was almost time.

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[b][size="7"]F-23 Upgrade Package[/size][/b]

The upgrade package to bring the YF-23 up to the same standard as the F-22 as a release model, the F-23. All additions that were made from the development stage to the production stage of the F-22 have been added onto the F-23 airframe,

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It seemed the strange happenings that had affected other nations nuclear armaments had also affected The United Republic of Akdeniz. It was decided this was most likely the work of an unknown enemy and that an invasion was most likely imminent in the near future. With this, the decision was made to increase various aspects of the the current military. They are detailed as follows:

[b]United Republic Air Force
[/b]480 x F-23 Black Widow
36 x E-23 Electric Widow
96 x F-35B Lightning
12 x E-35G Electric Lightning
162 x A-10 Thunderbolt

60 x B-1R Lancers
48 x B-2 Spirits

360 x AH2 Comanche
360 x AH1 Apache

480 x Lynx Wildcat
480 x Merlin AW101
480 x Chinook HC3
384 x V-22 Osprey

48 x MQ-11 Reaper II

48 x E-767 AWACS
48 x E-2D Advanced Hawkeye AWACS

48 x KC-767 AAR Tanker

[b]United Republic Navy
[/b]42 x Astute Class Submarines
6 x Ohio Class Submarines
28 x F101 Class Frigates
8 x America Class Amphibious Assault Ships

[b]United Republic Army
[/b]1,446,208 Personnel
4800 x Challenger II Tanks
4800 x Warrior IFVs
4800 x Star Streak SAMs
4800 x PzH 4000s
2400 x Jackal TSVs
2400 x Coyote TSVs
2400 x Panther CLVs
2400 x Mastiff 2s
2400 x Humvee M1109

The current F-23s were assessed and it was clear the avionics were out of date. Therefore they would all be upgraded to the same standard as the F-35.

The army increased it's recruitment. Men aged between 18 and 30 were assessed at military stations across Akdeniz and those that completed the assessment to the highest standard were offered a place in the Army. The offer was in fact not optional though. This increased the Army to almost 1.5 million men. Training for the additional men would begin immediately.

Defensive actions were taken across the nation, preparing for the worst eventualities. Missile production was increased dramatically. This included powerful thermobaric weapons, FOAB ICBMs, ASBMs, fixed SAMs, Hypersonic ASMs and land launched Hypersonic Cruise Missiles.

Several new fixed advanced radar stations are being constructed based on the SAMPSON radar system. Radar jamming stations will be built along side the new radar stations. They will be integrated to fixed SAM sites. Mobile arrays will be constructed on the premise that fixed stations will be targeted in the opening days of any invasion.

The military was put on full alert, reaching DEFCON 2 for the first time.

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Full military production is now well underway increasing the military strength of the URA dramatically. The now reorganised Army looks like this:

[size="3"][b]1st to 24th United Army Battle Group - 60,000 men each[/b]
[/size]United Engineers Regiment - 10,000 men
United Marine Regiment - 10,000 men
United Infantry Regiment - 10,000 men
United Armoured Regiment - 10,000 men
United Artillery Regiment - 10,000 men
United Airbourne Regiment- 10,000 men

1,600 x Challenger II MBT
2,400 x Warrior IFV
1,200 x Star Streak SAM
1,600 x PzH 2000
800 x GMLRS
800 x Jackal TSV
800 x Coyote TSV
800 x Panther CLV
800 x Mastiff 3
800 x Humvee M1151

The 1st to the 8th Battle Groups make up the First Army while the 9th to the 18th make up the Second Army and the 19th to the 24th making up the Third Army.

The Navy would be divided into four fleets. Each will contain:

[size="3"][b]1st to 4th Fleets
[/b][/size]7 x F100 Class Frigates
2 x America Class LHD
4 x Astute Class Submariens
1 x Ohio Class Submarines (Rearmed with combination of kinetic and FOAB warheads)

The remaining 28 submarines shall be paired in twos with each remaining Ohio being paired with an Astute.

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