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A United Swiss Canton Announcement

Morituri te Salutant

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[i]"How do I look, Princess?"

"As dashing as ever, my Prince. I suggest you smile a bit more, though. Doesn't quite fit you."

"I know, dear, I'm just ... so nervous! I don't know how you handle large crowds, much less perform in front of them."



Standing just inside the [url=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/54/Rathaus_Portal_Detail.jpg]Zurich town hall[/url], Lukas Lucksinger was stressing out over his debut speech. The speech, formal in nature, was supposed to announce the newfound independence of the United Swiss Canton but Lukas was struggling to maintain his composure. The stress of the past few days of trying to politically untangle several controversial appointments had brought him to the brink of a mental breeakdown, and Emmalina had been acting very strange the past few days. He didn't know if he could continue the way he was going without some sort of stimulant.

"It is time, Mr. Lucksinger."

"It's just Lukas," he scolded in German, before taking a breath. "I am ... very sorry. It is very stressful. Yes, I will go." He stiffened as Emmalina leaned forward to straighten his tie.

"I have some news that should help you, Lukka," she said lightly into his ear. As Lukas was opening the glass door to face all the press outside, Emmalina pressed her lips to his ear and muttered, "I'm pregnant."[/i]



A clearly nervous Lukas Lucksinger has just emerged from the town hall to present to the world his much-anticipated speech; a large percentage of viewers believes that some sort of independence will be announced and, wait ... just confirmed! Lukas Lucksinger is about to announce the independence of a Swiss state!

"You know ... there are just so many ways I could have gone about this speech. I had one written down, but, but ... I don't think I could give it. You see, for the past seven days I've been going around organizing the independence of Switzerland. You were right. I know, anticlimactic, but, that's not what this speech is about.

"This speech is about not independence but hope. Glimmers of hope for a brighter future. Europe is bipolar - on the one hand we have stable central europe or north or east, but on the other we have the British Isles imploding or perhaps some more French misfortune. Or maybe we're in the middle of fighting amongst our Germanic brothers again, or maybe we're busy ramping up the nationality or the arms in order to make ourselves look to big to fight again. None of this is who we are.

"Switzerland has been a great, stable area of Europe for quite a while. The Germans and Athenians have taken good care of us. They have treated us with dignity, respect, love and kindness, and have not asked for us the toils that their homelands must take on. And this is what brings me to hope: independence and dependence. We can not simply live by ourselves in a microcosm while Europe brings itself apart or together every other day. I have hope, as a new nation in Europe on the fringes and in the center of everything, I have hope that Switzerland may one day be a new stabilizing factor. I have hope that all of our neighbours, whether they be Greek or Italian or German or French or whomever, I have hope that all of our neighbours can find a friendly face in Switzerland. I have hope that the things that make us great and unique can all find a friendly place in Switzerland. I have hop that all the negatives that tear us apart can find a bitter end in Switzerland.

"I do not make my nation, the new United Swiss Canton, as some sort of Higher Plane of nation. We will still rely on our friends in Germany and Athens and our neighbours in Burgundy and Austria-Hungary to keep our borders safe; our military is small and unprepared for the world. While we are at a technology level equal to that of our German and Athenian predecessors in terms of civil technology, military tech is still expensive and lacking in upkeep or maintenance. We are no powerhouse. Indeed, we are at the mercy of our friends.

"But again comes hope. Hope that our friends will stay friends. Hope that our allies will stay allies. Hope that Europe will stay Europe, but stay a better Europe. And a hope that Switzerland will be at the front of change for the better. Thank you, and may the parties last all night."

As he walked back inside, ignoring the flurry of the advancing press, he closed the doors behind him.

[i]Lukas turned to his love Emmalina and extended his hand.

"Thank you for the inspiration."

His new life as a political leader, as a diplomat, as a father, as a person had just begun. And he would never anticipate the challenges ahead.[/i][/center]

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"$%&@ those secessionists. If I were there, I would have sent in the troops."

"Now now, Germania is better off getting rid of such mixed and unreliable elements. Take this as a chance for the Volk to clean itself off."

"That's easy for you to say. You've always supported the Lesser Solution."

"And so will I continue that stance. We need only the loyal, not every nothings who have a slight relationship to us."

"$%&@ you."

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"Australia welcomes the Swiss back to the world stage, we look forward to watching your nation with interest."
- Her Majesty Princess Yenna, [i]Victorian Empress, Tasmanian Angel, Queen of Queensland, Duchess of New South Wales, Viceroy of Western Australia, Countess of the Limestone Coast. [/i]

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"Hallelujah! Our Swiss friends are free again. We'd like to place an order for watches and army knives. One set of the knives and watches per soldier and government official please."

Joseph de'Plantagenet on Swiss Independence.

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[quote name='Kaiser Martens' timestamp='1316907783' post='2807762']
"Free? They were never anything [i]but[/i] free. In any case we are glad to see that our latest project was carried out successfully, and will continue to protect the helvetian zone as we traditionally have."

"To be more precise.. they are once again independently autonomous and self-governing. Is that better?"

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