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Final Message from TAA

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Hello fellow cners. I am Green Muffins. I come to you at this sad day to announce that TAA is disbanding. We hoped that it could have grew great and prosper, but I have been so lazy, and both me and Farmers's life's have hit a point where cn means much less then it used to when we were ready to run an alliance. I have much respect for everyone out there's in this game so I have to say farewell my friends we have been assimilated into the Borg. may our spirits and honer rest in peace.

TAA will be protected by Tetris for 7 days after witch If they haven't joined an alliance by then do with them what you will.

live long and prosper my friends Green Muffins out.....

TAA Signatories:
green muffins
Farmer John

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It is sad to see the loss of an alliance with probably the single best looking forums (though not so user friendly) in all of CN.

There goes the idea of one day having a bloc with Terran Empire, TAA, and Stafleet.

I wish you all the best.

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Good luck to those who were in TAA.

[quote name='supercoolyellow' timestamp='1316827488' post='2807054']
MCXA will be protecting the TAA AA for three years.

Wait, Tetris [b]and[/b] MCXA is protecting the same disbanding alliance. The world must be ending... or something else is happening. :ph34r:

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