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Truths and Revelations


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[b]Noverian Capital City of Nadrink.

Paul gets off the plane and calls Jesse before going to meet with the Noverian President.

Paul: [/b]Where are you Jesse.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Almost there. We can see the city from here but we are still a ways away. It will be an hour or 2 before we make it to the airport. Of course the timing will also depend on if there are any military or security checkpoints. We've gotten lucky so far by going through the back roads but now we are back on the main roads so we may need to get creative soon.

[b]Paul: [/b]I don't think he knows that I am related to you but I guess it soon will not matter. Just try not to shoot anything or get killed.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Got it. Jesse out.
Paul hangs up and looks at Damion who opened the hatch on his jet.

Paul: [/b]Stay here and call me when he arrives.

[b]Damion: [/b]Got it.

[b](OOC: It is up to you if there are any checkpoints between the outskirts of the city where Delta is and the airport.)[/b]

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[b]OOC: You can decide how Paul gets to the Novcorp building but once he is inside and meets the President:

Paul: [/b]I am here for the very reasons I said in the message. To help establish trade between our nations. With how great our economies are trading with each other is the best thing that could probably happen to either of us. There are many things that we make and export to other countries and I see that you may need some of them as well. One of our biigest exports is actually construction materials used in skyscrapers and other modern buildings. Andorra is almost completely covered in mountains and therefore we have an abundant supply of steel and other metals used in building things like bridges and skyscrapers. Seeing as you are beginning big projects in improving your cities I see no reason you should turn down what I have to offer.

[b]Maenwhile Jesse and Delta Squad were approaching the city using the main highway coming from the northeast. They could see the airport from where they were.

Jesse: [/b]Come on, almost there.

[b]Brian: [/b]Are there any checkpoints up ahead?

[b]Jesse: [/b]I guess we are gonna find out.

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The Corporate Republic was still in a state of elevated alert, on DEFCON 3, so military-style checkpoints ringed the Noverian capital. Jesse would encounter hard-faced troopers from Elanus Risk Control Services (ERCS) upon his entry into Nadrink.

"What is your business?" The ERCS soldier asked brutesquely at Jesse as two of his comrades inspected the vehicle, nearly taking it apart. Once Jesse and his friends from Delta Squad got through the first checkpoint, they would encounter yet another checkpoint at the airport. Security there was highly-elevated, and flights to and from the Nadrink International Airport were restricted. Jesse and Delta Squad would have to figure something out, lest the ERCS personnel contact the Directorate of Defense and inquire things further.

Meanwhile, when Paul reached the NovCorp Headquarters building, he would be greeted by NovCorp guards, honor guards of the Noveria Republican Guard, and the ERCS. He would be promptly escorted into the building, on to the Conference Room located somewhere deep in the building. There, the President himself was waiting. As soon Paul entered the room, J. Thomas Christopher stood up with a friendly smile.

"Hello, it is a honor to meet with you, sir. Please, have a seat." He said as he gestured at a chair before beckoning for an aide to come over. "Anything you want to drink before we proceed?" Christopher asked.

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[b]Paul: [/b]No thanks. I am good.

[b]Back at the airport. Jesse and Delta Squad are still in the vehicle outside the airport. Jesse has his phone on speaker while talking to Damion.

Damion: [/b]The whole airport is basically closed down, and I do not think that we are the reason to why. Something is going on. Do you think Paul might be in danger?

[b]Jesse: [/b]Don't know yet. I did come across some checkpoints on the way here and when they asked what we were doing I said I was going to meet my uncle, didn't tell them who he was though so he should still be safe. We are not going to leave until Paul is done with the meeting anyways so now we should investigate as to why we are in Defcon 3. I really doubt it is because of the fighting in Africa.

[b]Damion: [/b]The UFE are doing stuff in Northern Alaska. That might be why.

[b]Jesse: [/b]I highly doubt it. I think they are building some oil pipeline but that is not a reason to go into military alert, unless they thought we are going to be attacked and I highly doubt the UFE would go that far.

[b]Damion: [/b]So we have no clue as to why Noveria is in Defcon 3. There is something they are not telling the public, something big.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Something that would cause panic if it ever became public, and even though we do not want that to happen we need to know why, and there is only one person who can tell us besides the president.

[b]Brian: [/b]You haven't talked to Daniele for over a year. The only times you have within the past few months were through messages, and even then those were just her telling us what to do and you saying OK. Besides she is no longer the Director of Defense. All those big military positions were merged into one, the Supreme Executor. Julius Thrawn is now in almost complete control of the Noverian Military. Why don't we just go to him?

[b]Jesse: [/b]Corruption! We do not know if he is corrupted or not but we can't take any chances. If Daniele still has any good feelings for me she will tell us what is going on.

[b]Brian: [/b]It has been over a year since you dumped her, what makes you think she will talk to you now?!

[b]Jesse: I DID NOT DUMP HER![/b] Things happened that I could not control, it is not my fault for what happened that night. I was doing my job and keeping her safe.

[b]Brian: [/b]By telling her you could not be together, that she would be put into danger.

[b]Jesse: [/b]She knows what we do and why I had to do it to protect her.

[b]Brian: [/b]Then you go and marry Alexis...

[b]Jesse: [/b]Don't push me Brian. There are things about my past that no one will ever understand, she knows the real reason and if she still cares about me she will tell us what is really going on. Its in her blood to protect Noveria no matter what and that is exactly what we are doing. We are going to protect it from corruption and the forces of evil. She knows that if there is a way to completely eliminate corruption in the government and the destroy the Mafia as well than she will take it.

[b]Brian: [/b]The Mafia. You can't be serious.

[b]Jesse: [/b]We have taken out fanatic militia groups before.

[b]Brian: [/b]I know but think about it. The reason the Mafia has not been taken out yet is because they have their own men in the government. We can't kill them all without the corporations bearing down on us. They use the Mafia to perform their dirty work and in return they are protected and payed.

[b]Jesse: [/b]And for that reason the civilians are scared. If you knew how many innocent civies are killed by them every year you would know why they have to be stopped. They kill men, women, children, plus anyone the corporations want dead, and they have to be stopped. Noveria will not be safe until corruption is eliminated and the Mafia is no more, and Daniele is just the woman that can help us.

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The President nodded. "Very well. Now, let's get down to business." He said simply as he leaned forward, placed his elbow on the table, and interwined his fingers together.

"As regarding trading relations between our nations, such proposition that you offer, indeed, I see no reason to turn down. Expanding trade relations and opportunities are our primary goals in our interactions with the international stage. Noveria has minimially low tariffs, so I believe trade between our countries will soar in little to no time. We receive construction materials for the modernizing of our cities, you receive profits and capital that could be used to benefit your nation. Everyone wins." Christopher said, smiling.

(OOC: Actually, Daniele Favalaro is a male. Sorry if that wasn't clear. But don't worry, in this thread, and this thread only, Daniele is a female. So you dont have to change anything. Indeed, the relationship between Daniele and Jesse is interesting. :P)

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[b]Paul: [/b]That is exactly why I purposed it. It will benefit both of us and make us stronger in our own ways.

[b]Meanwhile Jesse and the rest of Delta arrived outside Daniele's house.

Jesse: [/b]Brian and I will go talk to her, the rest of you stay here and warn us if anyone else comes here.

[b]Nathan: [/b]You got it.

[b]As Brian and Jesse walk up to the door.

Brian: [/b]You sure she will even want to talk to you?

[b]Jesse: [/b]She was the one that usually gave us our orders so she knows what we have been doing. Besides with what is going on I'm actually surprised she didn't call us first.

[b]Brian: [/b]I could tell what was going on when you called her. How did she react?

[b]Jesse: [/b]She was still not that happy but she was not angry. She almost seemed scared of something but said it was better if we talked face to face.

[b]Jesse rings the doorbell.[/b]

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[b]Nothing happens. They wait for over 10 minutes and ring again but still nothing.

Brian: [/b]Told ya she doesn't like you.

[b]Jesse: [/b]She is probably downtown. We will look for her there and if we don't find her we will go back to the airport and wait for Paul.

[b]Lets just say that the meeting between Paul and the Noverian president has already ended.[/b]

[b]An hour after the king and queen of Angevin are bitten.[/b]

[b]Damion calls Paul.

Damion: [/b]We have a problem. King Geoffrey and his queen Christine have fallen ill back in Angevin. As Duke of Andorra you need to get back there to be with them.

[b]Paul: [/b]It is what he would want me to do. OK, call Jesse and tell him what is going on, at this point I do not care if he comes with us or not.

[b]Damion then calls Jesse.

Damion: [/b]It seems we are going to have to leave a little sooner than we hoped. If I were you I would get my ass over here pronto.

[b]Jesse: [/b]OK, We are on our way.

[b]Brian: [/b]What about Daniele?

[b]Jesse: [/b]It is gonna have to wait. Besides we can talk to her later over the phone if we have to.

[b]Jesse and Brian get back into the car and start heading back to the airport.

Paul: [/b]You are to get behind the limo I am in and follow me back to the airport. I already told them you are gonna come with me back to Angevin to see your families and help me with something.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Oh I have a bad feeling about this.

[b](OOC: Just because they don't have magical powers does not mean they can't protect the world from evil forces.) [/b]

[b]Brian: [/b]What do you mean.

[b]Paul: [/b]Jesse has a good reason to be worried. I was able to get more info about what happened from my friend Adrien. He was able to get his hands and security tapes of what had happened. They found a medallion with a Dragon on it and the King tried it on.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Never trust those !@#$@#$ medallions that have dragons on them.

[b]Paul: [/b]The head seemed to turn around and bite them both on the finger.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Oh $%&@!

[b]Paul: [/b]What?

[b]Jesse: [/b]That is what turned Kang into a dragon back in Korea. Dang those Dragon cultists just don't know how to die and stay dead.

[b]Paul: [/b]The king and queen are not cultists. They found it in an old box deep in the Angers Castle.

[b]Jesse: [/b]We need to get there now!

[b]Paul: [/b]Follow my limo to the airport and they should let you through. We need to take out the Dragon cult once and for all but first we need to go to that hospital and see how the king and queen are doing.

[b]Jesse: [/b]I see it. Lets go.

[b]They follow him to the airport. I anyone askes why Delta is following him Paul says that they are with him. They get onto the plane and head back to Angevin.[/b]

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