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Diplomatic Correspondence to the People's Republic of Africa

Sarah Tintagyl

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[b]To: The Foreign Ministry of the People's Republic of Africa
From: Karolina Žigo, Viceroy of Austrian Morocco
Subject: Friendship[/b]


This letter to your government is long overdue. Since Austria's arrival in Morocco we have made it on of our first priorities to make friends with our neighbors and unfortunately we have not been able to make good on our boast because of recent concerns across Africa and the world. If it would be possible, I would like to invite a representative or your Head of State, to come to Rabat and your earliest convenience to talk about a potential alliance between our two nations. The stability of Africa is very important to us and your recent work throughout the Sahara Desert and other lands as you spread your influence is a testimony to your cares of Africa.

I hope you can accept this invitation and I await your reply with haste.


Karolina Žigo[/i]

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[quote]To: Karolina Žigo, Viceroy of Austrian Morocco
From: The Foreign Ministry of the People's Republic of Africa
Subject: Re: Friendship

Your excellency, Karolina Žigo,

We shall indeed accept your invitation, and would be delighted to send over our Minister of Foreign Affairs, along with his adviser. (OoC: not on my usual comp, so dont have my list of usual names on hand, but I'll get them asap). We are indeed trying to make a better Africa, and hope we can work out something to do so in a better manner.


Abdul-Haqq Ibn Waffles
People's Republic of Africa Head of Parliament

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