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International Talk Like a Pirate Day


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September 19 is notable for being anniversaries for both the [i]Battle of Iuka[/i] and [i]New Zealand Women's suffrage[/i] yet is somehow associated with talking like a pirate.

[b]International Talk Like a Pirate Day[/b] often heralds a bizarre phenomenon were people are compelled to talk, or even act, as a (stereotypical) pirate.

This year it was just another typical fall afternoon.
So far there have been no reports of pirate related communication breakdowns, populations inexplicably talking like pirates, or pirate themed pillaging anywhere.
Maybe today would be an uneventful fall day. . .

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Festivals commemorating the day are currently ongoing in several major cities across Arctica, attended mainly by college-age students, mainly male, of questionable levels of intoxication.

OOC: Also changed my avatar to a more eyepatchy, hoop-earringy David Bowie.

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