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Announcement from Non Grata

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[size="6"]Announcement from Non Grata[/size][/center]

Non Grata is pleased to announce the conclusion to its war with Methrage and Co. and Confederatio Aesir. A sum of 1200 tech will be paid to Non Grata as reparations from Methrage and Co. with the assistance of Confederatio Aesir. We thank these combatants for their willingness to exercise our military, and wish them good luck in their future endeavours.

Second, we announce today the retirement of [b]arexes[/b] from active government duty. arexes served as an NG triumvir since the beginning of the alliance, and prior to that served in both FOK and iFOK for several years. We wish him a restful retirement, and we're sure that he'll be begging to work again soon.

Replacing arexes in the NG triumvirate will be [b]Stewie[/b]. Stewie has most recently been serving as NG's Minister of Foreign Affairs. NG's new Minister of Foreign Affairs is [b]NCC[/b]. Our current government list:

King Xander


NCC, Foreign Affairs
d3filed, Defense
feestaap1, Finance/Growth
Lenin, Recruitment
naabgamer, Tech
Diabloz, Trades
Rakshasas, Admissions


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Congratulations to Stewie!

Have fun in retirement Kriek, and come back out soon!

I want to thank all the NG nations we engaged for being such good sports about it all. We had a lot of fun.

Also no CA below rank of Queen in this thread. :rolleyes:

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