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Cycling Trade Circles


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I noticed on my "Edit Nation" page that there wasn't any "You must pay bills before changing resources" or "You must collect taxes before changing resources", which I assume to mean that one can change resources without having done either. In that case, it seems like a group of nations could get together and form a cycling trade circle, where every 30 days all of them change resources. There could be a bill-paying set and a tax-collecting set, and in every 60 day cycle they would only have to collect 10 days of taxes while on the bill-paying set, and never have to pay bills while on the tax-collecting set.

Is there any reason why this wouldn't work?

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Yes, there is a reason it wouldn't work. If you haven't paid your bills, you cannot send out aid. So if you are tech trading, this will not be possible to avoid paying bills for weeks at a time. If you are not tech trading, then you are not the type of nation that would volunteer for something like this.

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