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Bayou & Bourbon Diplomacy


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[quote][font="Lucida Console"]Sent To: Lady Protector of the Cajun Federation Madame Broussard-Doiron
From: His Majesty the King of New Spain Enrique Bourbon[/font]

[font="Palatino Linotype"]Dearest Madame,

It would be my pleasure to seek an audience with you in the Cajun Federation to discuss matters of importance to our two states. Given our immediate borders with your recent annexation of the former Republic of Texas it would be pertinent to our regional interests to work closer together on future matters as two powers of importance dependent on the vital Gulf region. We desire a greater level of cooperation with your nation and feel much would be gained by a meeting to discuss this possibility alongside other matters of interest.

Enrique Bourbon
His Majesty the King of New Spain Enrique Bourbon[/font][/quote]

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[quote][b]To:[/b] His Majesty the King of New Spain Enrique Bourbon
[b]From:[/b] Michelle Broussard-Doiron, Lady Protector of the Cajun Federation

Your Majesty,

It would be an honor to host you in the Cajun Federation for talks over the future of our relations, as you rightly state, our two countries share a particular common goal; the security of the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the Americas. We feel that it would certainly be in our best interest to formalize our relations, which, by our account, have been warm since our independence. We would be happy to discuss a more formal diplomatic arrangement at this meeting, and invite you to New Orleans to discuss these matters in person.

We will expect your delegation to arrive by air at New Orleans Naval Air Station, and look forward to your arrival.

Sincerest of Regards,

[i]Michelle Broussard-Doiron
Lady Protector of the Cajun Federation[/i][/quote]

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The King would depart for his maiden flight to The Cajun Federation aboard his Royal Jetliner designated simply "Eagle One" which would be piloted by Hector Morales an older gentlemen in his early 50's who'd previously served as an Ace in the Royal Air Force before being given his current role. On board alongside him was his brother Lord Steward Emilo Bourbon which is the equivalency of the Minister of Foreign Affairs in most other countries. Various body-guards and aides would be attending to insure that daily activities and security functions would be provided to a degree the Royals were accustomed too. Enrique would give his younger brother some token advice for the trip.

Enrique spoke over the steady scream of the crafts engines. "Emilo I know I've usually sent you out on solo trips to conduct the our affairs in other nations and had you maintain your own presence in negotiation. But for the purposes of this trip you'll be my side-kick a role your not accustomed too I know but please, just follow my lead and interject only when necessary. I'd like to get a real feel for our counterparts in the Federation" Emilo silently nodded as Eagle One began it's descent into New Orleans Naval Air Station. Hector Morales could be overheard in the cockpit making calls to Cajun air-traffic control. "This is Eagle One requesting permission to land. I say again, this is Eagle One requesting permission to land. Over."

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"Eagle One, this is New Orleans Command, you are cleared for landing on Runway 22, welcome to the Federation," responded the tower at NAS New Orleans.

On the ground at the naval base, formal preparations had been made for the arrival of the King of New Spain, the red carpet had been brought out and dusted off. An honor guard had been assigned from the 2nd Marine Brigade, returned from recent action in Corpus Christi. Most of the Marines were wounded veterans of the campaign, assigned to the detail as a gesture of their service. Some were still sporting bandages from the excursion to the south Texas city, they were all sporting, however, their impressive dress red uniforms, wearing crimson tunics and white pants. A number of them had awards and decorations, and the officers were sporting their ceremonial swords.

The honor guard would line both sides of the red carpet, and at the end of the carpet, the Lady Protector, Michelle Broussard-Doiron, stood with an aide and the Federation's Defense Ministry, Jean-Louis Montcalm.

"You know, your uncle had a meeting with the King of New Spain?" asked Montcalm, looking at Michelle, who nodded.

"I realize that Jean, and our relations have continued to be warm since, despite my uncle's meeting coming to nothing," responded Michelle, returning his look briefly.

"He'd probably be proud if he knew you were conducting a meeting with Enrique Bourbon," nodded Montcalm, shielding his eyes to spot the approaching jet.

"I didn't know I was looking to make [i]him[/i] proud," said Michelle, not looking back at Montcalm. "I am serving the interests of my country, Jean, I am not trying to serve the interests of my uncle."

"I understand, ma'am," nodded Montcalm, before adding again, "However, serving the interests of your country or not," he looked at her, "He'd still be proud of you."

Michelle just nodded, only flicking her eyes to meet the older man's, "Thank you, Jean."

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Enrique stepped forth onto the red carpet and strode down it confidently expecting his trip to provide fruitful as opposed to his previous meeting that amounted to very little other then formal introductions between the two nations. This being his maiden voyage to The Cajun Federation also meant that he would get to view the country for himself as opposed to be told about it. Which was a delight for him given most of his time is spent confined in the Palace; the trip would represent a minor escape from home life if but for a moment.

"Lady Michelle, it is an honor and pleasure to finally meet you." Stated Enrique, who extended his hand with a smile looking straight at Michelle. "You certainly have done enough to make a King feel welcomed." Continued Enrique. "But please let us not linger here too long, I very much look forward to conducting this business and then being given the leisure of sight-seeing a bit...maybe even see the Bourbon district?" remarked Enrique with a chuckle and grin.

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The honor guard would salute crisply as Enrique walked by them, Michelle was smiling warmly as he approached, clasping her hands behind her back as he drew even with them. She gently took his hand and shook it back firmly, smiling as she spoke, "It is, likewise, an honor to meet you, your majesty. I am glad that our preparations were sufficiently tactful."

Montcalm also moved to shake Enrique's hand, "It is a pleasure to meet you your majesty, I am Minister Jean-Louis Montcalm, I serve as the Defense Minister of the Cajun Federation. We have a car waiting for us, as well ones for your entourage to bring us into New Orleans." They led Enrique and his entourage to a line of vehicles, including a restored 1960s limousine, which a naval officer opened for the group of dignitaries. They would be ushered inside, and once settled, the convoy, with a limited police escort, would begin the trip into New Orleans proper.

"I would be happy to show you the city of New Orleans after our meeting at Jackson Square," nodded Michelle.

"Jackson Square is home to the Foreign Ministry, a beautiful place in and of itself, its part of the French Quarter," added Montcalm, as the convoy traversed the Naval Air Station towards the main gate.

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"It is a pleasure to meet you Minister Montcalm." Remarked Enrique as he shook hands with the Cajun delegation. "May I present my younger brother Emilo, Lord of Stewards." Emilo smiled and extended his hand to the two Cajun officials. "It is an honor to make your acquaintance. I too am looking forward to seeing the city."

Seeing the restored limo's Enrique remarked, "My grandfather used to have a limousine just like this one; it's nice to see one restored in such pristine condition."

After a brief drive the convoy arrived to their destination without and delays along the route. "That was a nice little drive. Now onto business." Remarked Enrique as he and Emilo followed Michelle & Jean-Louis into the compound.

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The lightly-guarded convoy would arrive at the Cajun Foreign Ministry's New Orleans Annex, where most formal negotiations and occasions were held. While Baton Rouge may have been the capital city, New Orleans was the country's gem. The New Orleans Annex comprised a block of offices surrounding the historic Jackson Square, home to the beautiful St. Louis Cathedral, the buildings flanking the still-functioning house of worship were all owned by the Cajun government, and beautifully restored with wood paneling, and used efficient central cooling systems, which were worked into the old architecture through painstaking work, to combat the region's steamy climate.

"Indeed," nodded Michelle, "Its probably better to get business out of the way first, so you can enjoy the rest of your stay here."

The party was escorted into the meetings' venue, a room with comfy couch-seating and refreshments were offered to them before they settled in.

As Michelle would take a sip of the glass of wine she had requested, she noted, "Now I believe you were hoping to look to formalize our countries' relationships, given our proximity and shared interests in the region."

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Enrique sat down alongside his brother and nodded to Michelle. "You make keen observations Michelle, that is precisely my intent with coming here today." Enrique paused briefly collecting his thoughts before beginning. "Now it goes without saying that New Spain & The Cajun Federation share a rather unique relationship in comparison to most other countries. For one the Bourbon-Broussard lineages have significant ties going back centuries. But beyond those we also share cultures whose regional focus lay with and around the Gulf of Mexico...that is to say it's vital to both of our nations to ensure it's security. We have watched with interest over the last few months how the Cajun Federation has taken a proactive approach to securing the gulf and we feel because of it the desire to formalize relations with you in a more concrete manner. Knowing that our combined prowess could usher in unparalleled security for our region; if not also serving as a force for good in the whole of the Americas. With your recent acquisitions of Texas we felt it to be even more prudent to discuss such ideas with you. Given these facts it would be remiss that both our powers have no real ties to set the guide-stones towards our nations cooperative efforts."

Emilo sat idle as his brother spoke to Michelle, glancing over some figures he wished to interject to support his brothers statements. Pausing a brief moment after his brothers last words he spoke up. "Not to mention there are inherit economic reasons for a formalization of our relations through the fostering of greater trade opportunities for our nations. Both our nations stand to make much more money working together on an economic standpoint supporting one another then if we're simply stood alone. Open borders agreements would increase the flow of revenues for our nations and allow Cajun goods better placement in New Spain and vice-versa our crafts in Cajun markets.

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