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Cajun Federation


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[center][size="6"][b]The Cajun Federation[/b][/size]


[i]The flag of the honorable Cajun Federation.[/i][/center]

[size="4"][b]Current Government[/b][/size]

[b]Lady Protector of the Cajun Federation:[/b] Miss Michelle Broussard-Doiron, Former Crown Princess of the Cajun Throne

[b]Prime Minister:[/b] Terrence Glenburn (Acadian Union Party)

[b]Foreign Minister:[/b] Maxime Lafayette*
[b]Defense Minister:[/b] Jean-Louis Montcalm*
[b]Interior Minister:[/b] Benjamin Turner*
[b]Treasury Minister:[/b] Fleur Bureau*
[b]Labor Minister:[/b] Dylan Kavanaugh*
[b]Justice Minister:[/b] Haley Giguere*
[b]Chairman of the Energy Affairs Committee:[/b] Ian Pollard
[b]Chairman of the National Education Committee:[/b] Arne LaHood
[b]Chairwoman of the Federation Infrastructure Review Board:[/b] Rebecca Panetta
[b]National Security Adviser:[/b] Dylan LaPierre

* = Denotes member of the Council of Ministers

[b]Composition - Cajun National Congress[/b]

Acadian Union Party* - 44%
Cajun Liberal Movement* - 32%
Cajun Socialist Front - 13%
Cajun Christian Democratic Party - 11%

* = Denotes member of the current Coalition Government


[i]The Coat of Arms of the honorable Cajun Federation.[/i][/center]

[center][size="4"][b]Federation Demographics[/b][/size][/center]

[b]Population:[/b] 31,093,893 (plus 5,309,389 in the Federal Protectorate of Missouri)
[b]Capital:[/b] Baton Rouge, Louisiana
[b]States of the Federation:[/b] Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Commonwealth of Cuba
[b]Protected Territories:[/b] Missouri
[b]Religions:[/b] Mixed (Catholicism, Baptist, Voodoo, Judaism, and Islam predominant)
[b]Official Language(s):[/b] English, French, and Spanish
[b]Drives on the:[/b] Right

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[center][size="6][b]Cajun Federation Corporation and Education Information[/b][/size][/center]


[*] Delta Aerospace
[*] General Aviation
[*] Bell Helicopters
[*] Mississippi Atomics

[b]Defense Contractors[/b]

[*] Western Coalition Landsystems
[*] New Orleans Armory
[*] Vicksburg Armory Corporation
[*] Halliburton
[*] Textron Landsystems

[b]Shipbuilding Corporations[/b]

[*] Ingalls Shipbuilding Co.
[*] Textron Marine
[*] Bollinger Shipyards
[*] Houston Iron Works (HIW)
[*] Higgins Industries

[b]Heavy Manufacturing[/b]

[*] Gulf Pulp and Paper
[*] Bayou Computer Systems
[*] Texas Instruments
[*] Peterbilt Automotive
[*] Western Coalition
[*] Cooper Industries
[*] Dell Systems
[*] Southern Steelworks


[*] Shell Oil
[*] ExxonMobil
[*] Cabot Oil
[*] PharmaSolutions
[*] San Antonio Affiliates

[b]Transportation Corporations[/b]

[*] American Airlines
[*] Greyhound Lines
[*] Bayou Freight Limited
[*] Highlands Transport Limited
[*] Gulf Airlines
[*] FlyCuba Airways
[*] Pelican Rail

[b]Post-Secondary Educational Centers[/b]

[*] Lafayette Military Academy
[*] Biloxi Naval Academy
[*] Dillon University
[*] University of Texas System
[*] University of Louisiana System
[*] University of Mississippi System
[*] University of Arkansas System
[*] Baylor University
[*] Rice University
[*] Parker University
[*] Xavier University of Louisiana
[*] Tulane University
[*] Harding University
[*] Blue Mountain College
[*] University of Havana
[*] University of the Masons
[*] Catholic University of Saint Tomás of Villanueva

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