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The Privitization of Legion

Captain Enema

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Port Sudan-

"It's resolved, governance of Legion will occur under a corporate charter?"

"Yes, Legion was never meant to be a nation. It bores us. We work, we fight, we be merry, arrrgh."


"So be it then, Legion will return to it's private status and a public announcement will be made at the proper time. Until then we'll recall our foreign representatives and repurpose them as contract officers as we did before."

"Our overseas holdings?"

"They are company lands of course."


"Legion for life, you put into it what you get out of it. Civilians are to be put on the Legion Pension and Health plan in Legion territory if they can't afford their own medical and pension plans. No one goes hungry or without under our watch."

"Foreign government notifications?"

"None at this time, business as usual until something forces us to play our hand, and someone get out there and find us some work."

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