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Survivalist Tendencies


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With mysterious invaders unidentified, the ridiculous gender imbalance, resurgent RoW remnant, possibility of an imminent Davy Jones Aphasia outbreak on September 19, and overall international uncertainty Procinctians were feeling entirely unconfident about the future.

It wasn’t anything dramatic like a mass panic.
Everyone in the country began buying guns like firearms were going out of fashion, before day’s end the country’s gunshops were completely depleted.
Households began storing a year’s supply of food and water.
Six-month reserve septic tanks were being installed in every home.
Buildings, both public and private, were slowly being boarded-up and often fortified with sand bags.
When families were finished fortifying they simply stopped leaving their houses.
It was obvious to any outside observer that something was going on, but Procinctia’s government pretended there wasn’t a problem.

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Another day passes and people actually go outside. . . to barricade their lawns.
Yards are marred by haphazard mish-mashed variations of barbed wire, chain-link fences, Czech hedgehogs, earthworks palisades, and trenches– ambitious projects all unfinished by nightfall. On Saint Lawrence Island several civil war-era reproduction cannons were seen deployed on various front yards.

Despite stores remaining vacant Provincial Armament, once again, still managed to make a sizeable profit by outright exploitation.
Apparently selling gasmasks, sold at more than quadruple retail value, from repurposed ice-cream trucks was incredibly lucrative.
Protective facial wear was undisputedly the Aleutian season fashion.

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