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The Lawless Lands


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OOC: closed to me and tbm for now, I'll edit later to include whoever else wants to be involved as long as you send me a query or PM and explain what type of involvement you want to do, this thread will basically be mad max with a few twists thrown in for fun.

After the first few months, the major population centers were under Principality control and well established to return to economic growth. On the other hand, the outback was a lawless land, police and soldiers simply unable to cover such a broad area made enforcing the law almost impossible.

Princess Yenna was sitting at her desk in the Canberra Palace, listening to the dozen or so advisers around her spew forth information about every problem facing the new country, after listening to dozens of other issues, one in particular caught her attention, the disappearance of trucks filled with food and assorted goods from the roads leading to the western sections of the nation, it was fairly obvious to everyone they were getting hijacked, but the adviser who brought it up explained to Yenna that they were most likely simply minor gangs, and nothing to be concerned of, they police would take care of them soon enough. Lost in thought for a moment, she ordered around 100 soldiers to masquerade as the drivers for the next scheduled shipments, carrying cell phones, and AR-1s, with orders to call in to military command in the event of any problems, they would travel as convoys of 3 or more trucks, in order to better attempt to catch whoever was hijacking the much needed supplies, the western cities relied heavily on shipments of food from the fertile southeast, so catching them was more important to Yenna than the to the adviser.

Eight hours later, the convoy had left Joe Maximilian was one of the drivers of the trucks, only a private in the Australian Army since the return of a structured government once again to the area, been out of work for quite some time now, he was just happy to be getting paid, and the mission he had seemed to be pretty easy. Hal Rashawn was an Aborigine policeman, and riding as a passenger and alternate driver for the lead truck, making small talk with the soldier, Hal felt similarly about the whole deal, having at least 10 military and policemen together, there shouldnt be any looters with enough firepower to actually hijack one of the trucks and escape.

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Quentin Olhouser had other plans for the convoy, an aborigine currently in Yulara, the town's population had left for the most part, those who remained were mostly members of his crew, or working for them in some form or another, he smiled as he saw 4 trucks kicking up dust in the distance through binoculars, and grabbing his radio to tell the rest of the gang to get prepared. They had weapons at the ready, a lesson learned from the last few trucks coming through the town, as well as a half dozen customized pickups and utes designed to get the gangers onto the moving semis if their drivers were stupid enough to try to run away.

Joe and Hal noticed as their convoy drove slowly through the town it looked almost... abandoned, the few people who were outside looked incredibly suspicious, and Joe used the CB to ensure the other teams stayed sharp and had their weapons ready, he didn't trust these people with their strange clothing. Hal held his Assault rifle on his lap, keeping himself focused on the people standing outside watch the convoy as Joe drove the truck faster, trying to get through this town and on the way to Kaltukatjara. At the final intersection before leaving town, a truck not unlike the one they were in began driving through the intersection, but suddenly stopped, blocking off the exit out of town.

Quentin saw his plan worked beautifully yet again, the 4 trucks were stopped in a row, a dozen men armed with assault rifles and small arms began pouring out of the buildings on either side, and Quentin grabbed his bullhorn declaring, "Surrender yourselves and you will not be killed, or we will simply shoot you as you sit."

Joe realized they were not going to be getting out of this town alive more than likely, he quickly sent a text message back to the capital
[code]our convoy was overrun by thugs, send assistance asap, they are decently armed[/code]

Back in Canberra, the same adviser who thought this would be an easily solved problem was "lucky" enough to be the second to see the text, he would be packing up his desk within the hour.

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