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The magic behind the science [ OPEN TO ALL ]


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[b](OOC: This starts just after the death of the Dragon Cult leader in the Hell's City thread page 7 found [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=104738&st=120"]here[/url])

Incheon, Korea, UFE

Just after the death of Kang. Jesse and Brian went back to the hotel where Lee was waiting for them.

Lee: [/b]I came as soon as you called. Is there anythine else you need?

[b]Jesse gets his pistol out.

Jesse: [/b]I need to know why you betrayed us to Kang.

[b]Lee: [/b]What are you talking about?

[b]Jesse: [/b]Somehow Kang seemed to know everything about us; he somehow knew that my grandfather was a Dragon so he lured him into a trap and killed him, after witch he devoured him to get more powerful. You were the one that told my grandfather about Kang and what he was planning knowing he would try to track down Kang himself. That trap was specifically set for him and you know it. You were probably in it from the beginning.

[b]Lee: [/b]That was not supposed to happen.

[b]Jesse: [/b]What do you mean?

[b]Lee: [/b]A few months ago I was approached by some dark hooded figure, I could not see his face but he seemed to be mostly human.

[b]Jesse: [/b]What do you mean mostly?

[b]Lee: [/b]His left arm was a normal human arm but his right was that of a Dragon. I think he was a test subject in that experiment to create super soldiers like with Maelstrom yet he didn’t transform all the way. He said he was working for someone important and his master wanted me to give Kang info about you and your grandfather or else they would kill me and my family.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Didn’t think someone like you would even have one.

[b]Lee: [/b]I have a wife and daughter. We live near the docks. I had to protect them so I did what he told me to do. There was no other option.

[b]Jesse: [/b]What did you tell Kang?

[b]Lee: [/b]I basically told him everything I knew about you guys. That you were both Dragons and how you were easily lured into traps and such. I know you are angry Jesse but I did this for my family. If Alexis was in danger you would do the same.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Did you tell him about her?

[b]Lee: [/b]No, but if I had to I might have done it anyways.

[b]Jesse: [/b]I’m going to let you live but [b][Jesse hits him with his pistol][/b] you’re a bad man. The only reason you are still alive is because of your family and the fact you will be here to get me more info about these people. We are heading back to Noveria now. See if you can get more info about them during our flight.

[b]Lee: [/b]You got it.

[b]Jesse and Brian leave the room, go downstairs and get into their car and head to the airport. Meanwhile in the building across the street from the hotel the hooded figure is looking through a sniper scope at Lee who is still in the room.

Hooded figure: [/b]Jesse and Brian are heading back to Noveria now. Your orders?

[b]Unknown Superior on comm: [/b]Eliminate Lee and come back here. Once here get ready for Phase 2 of the plan. Soon Jesse will either join us or watch his loved ones die horrible deaths before being eliminated himself.
The hooded figure takes the shot and Lee is killed with a bullet through his head. [/b]

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A temporal rift occurs destroying this reality because the cult, Kang, nor any of his associates ever spoke to this Lee about Kang or Jesse.. or his associates. Due to this event never occurring, these events cannot happen as portrayed.

ooc: Please do not RP like things happened that never were rp'd out without getting the consent of the characters involved prior. That is god-moding. You were on the correct course PMing me and others involved about the RP and asking for feedback, but you were wrong in giving less than 24 hours on feedback especially when the contents therein are so terribly in error.

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