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Best Economic Alliance?


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Are there any alliances out there that have solid tech farming and trade circle programs? By solid, I mean tech circles that complete on time or within at least 11 days and trade circles that are assembled within a month. I'm kinda tired of having to wait a year to get a trade circle created just to have people drop and paying into tech farms that go 20 days without completing. I hope that we're not all in the same boat with these problems.

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unfortunately large alliances have a problem when it comes to making sure every alliance is performing how they are supposed to, probly more than smaller ones mostly due to the number of active and inactive being higher in them

since you are an Aqua nation though and are thinking of changing alliance's i would probly recommend Nuclear Proliferation League. Newer alliance but have grown remarkably in the time they were founded and have only been growing since

as for the trade issue...everyone has that thanks to inactive people all throughout CN and trying to get them to join a circle...i've spent over a month trying to fix/set one up numerous times before and that was with constant IRC spamming and in game messaging. with the new update that might be happening for trades that time may get cut by half in one sense and at the same time take longer

edit: Shameless JOIN PPO plug ;)

also you could always talk to MHA govt to see if they can help speed it up or direct things to other nations if you havent yet

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Thanks for the replies. Although I am currently in Aqua, my trade setup is not ideal and I would be willing to switch spheres.

As far as being an established nation, I think my nation recently turned 3 years old and I'm near 10K infra...

I may check out Umbrella to see what they have to offer. I'll pass on GOONS as per your suggestion. I've actually never heard of PPO or NPL but I may check them out as well.

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