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Some CRAPpy announcements

Chuck Normis

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One of CRAP’s best buddies and protectorates has fallen on hard times and has graciously accepted our invitation to merge into CRAP where they can still be together as a group and remain friends. No, it’s not The Mafia. [i](Sorry)[/i]

As of September 11, 2011, the Free Alliance of Confederated Nations (FALCON) will now be under CRAP’s alliance affiliation. Here’s FALCON’s ratification of this event:
[quote]Whereas, we the membership of the Free Alliance of Confederated Nations:

Do as a stated goal of our alliance, look for worthwhile methods of strengthening ourselves and our comrades;

Do recognize that, being a very small alliance, we have an inherant lack of strength and credibility in the world at large;

Do recognize and appreciate the longterm support provided by the Coalition of Royal Allied Powers;

Do recognize the inherant strength in numbers provided by a larger, stable alliance; and

Wishing to take a logical step in bettering ourselves in the longterm;

Do therefore resolve and declare that:

1. We, the Free Alliance of Confederated Nations, do hereby formally accept the merger offer proposed by the Coalition of Royal Allied Powers;

2. Upon implementation of this resolution, we as a group do formally resign from FALCON in favor of membership in CRAP; and,

3. That this resolution, as well as our application to CRAP shall become effective 11 September 2011.

Members voting in the affirmative:

Victor von Alderies aka Thrawn Alderies

Vote certified by Grand Falcon Champcardon on 8 September 2011[/quote]
As FALCON’s AA was always protected by CRAP, it will remain protected until everyone makes the switch over. We like to protect [i]all[/i] our protectorates for some reason.

As it is customary to do during mergers, we offered FALCON’s leader a position in our government. Because of this, and other changes here is a list of our new government roster (for those who care):
Chuck Normis

[u][b]Minister of War/Defense [/b][/u]
Jonathan Webb II

[u][b]Minister of Foreign Affairs [/b][/u]
[i][b]Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs[/b][/i]

[u][b]Minister of Internal Affairs [/b][/u]

[u][b]Minister of Finances (Economics)[/b][/u]
Lord Cthulhu
[i][b]Deputy Minister of Finances[/b][/i]

[b][u]Minister of Recruitment[/u][/b]


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