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Europa Announcement

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[b][size="4"][i] Official Announcement From Europa[/i][/size][/b]

Good evening everyone, I hope some of you are having a good day, and some having a bad day. I'm going to make this really quick and get straight to the point. I recently noticed some of our embassies/consulates have been pretty inactive as of late. These Embassies/Consulates will be deleted by tomorrow September 11th 2011.


The Prolific Empire (TPE)
New Pacific Order (NPO)
Non Grata (NG)
House Atredides (HA)
United Sovereign Nations (USN)
New Sith Order (NSO)
The Peoples Community (TPC)
The New Guy (TNG)
North America Confederacy (NAC)
North Atlantic Defensive Coalition (NADC)
Guru Order (GO)
Pax Corvus (PC)
Nordreich (NoR)
Kingdom of Hyrule (KoH)
La Gran Alianza (LGA)
The Last Republic (TLR)
New Sakura Order (NsO)

If someone from these respected alliances could come by and kill the inactivity, that would be great. Also, our boards are open to any alliance who wishes to visit us. Europa welcome's anyone and everyone.

You can find us at the following:
#CNEuropa on Coldfront

Thank you all for your time

Mint Ayatollah of Europa

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