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"Now Hear This"


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[b]"Now Hear This"[/b]

Ray lit a cigarette while James leaned a small device against a tree. “You still haven't explained to me how this will be a big blow to the government” said James, arming the device. “We are in the middle of Lewis Isle. We aren't even in the Island.” Ray shook his head, “Now see James this is why I am enjoying a smoke and you are doing the heavy lifting. I'll explain it to you – once, so listen carefully.” Ray rubbed his cold hands together to warm them up while the cool air bristled the leaves of the trees around them, “The country's biggest economic adventures are arguably in agriculture with manufacturing following close behind. We can blow up one little factory in New Dublin and punch them in the nose, or we can attack the food source and bring them to their knees.”


James still didn't to understand; that or he always looked confused which was seeming to be possible. “Look the cities have expanded on the Island and industry has grown along with it. The only farm land left is in the center, some in the north, and some in the far far south. Where are many of those farmers moving to? The smart ones? They are moving her, to the Western Isles. The moved here in the Spring and most of them harvested once. It's almost time for the second harvest. Guess what happens if we take a huge chunk out of the food supply right before the Fall and Winter James.”

James looked a little dumbfounded, “But wait.. Wouldn't that just be harming the people? I thought we wanted to hurt the government Ray?” Ray sighed. He looked up at the trees above him and puffed out a breath of smoke. The wrong flew up slowly and almost made it to the browning leaves of the young forest before the wind destroyed it's structure in it's path. “If the people can't eat do you think they will be happy? What happens when people aren't happy? Knowing the idiots that live on the Island they might not riot, but they will have a political revolution... Maybe if we get the Republicans in we can finally infiltrate the government again. James don't you see? We can be.. I can be a powerful man again.” James smiled. He was a pretty smart technician and engineer, but it seemed God didn't bless him with common since.

“So yeah.. Set it to...” Ray turned his head down to his watch which was matched with the clocks of other devices.”Set it for twenty minutes....... now.” James pressed a button and the machine came to life. “This is going to be beautiful... this forest doesn't belong here anyway.”


“How much longer James? I want to see if they all go off.” The smelly fishing boat they were on rocked back and forth. The unlucky fisherman that had once owned the boat would probably never see it again since James was driving the craft. “We um... One minute!” James stood up and looked overhead, he folded his glasses and set them in his front pocket. An evil grin grew on Ray's face as a fireball rose a couple hundred yards away. He could see smoke coming from several other locations as well, “Long live the Communist North.”

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David ran alongside his new dog, Link. He was a golden retriever who was only one year old and had more energy then Cowboys and Saints combined. His distance was getting longer and longer since he started running every day. The chilly weather was a big help, almost as much as Link, but what really inspired him to start running was a new annual run for flue vaccines. Several charities were organized a “Run For Vaccines” and had come together to give free vaccines for this upcoming winter. Some meteorologists had predicted this Winter would be one of the most brutal ones in years. Heck it was near the end of September and it was already getting chilly outside. December would probably be unimaginable. Luckily they had stockaded more firewood for those in rural areas who still used basic materials such as wood to heat their small homes. Many of the apartments in New Dublin had a few fire places and a few window-heaters but that would obviously not be enough for what was to come. It would be a hard winter and the National Guard would probably have to help handing out supplies again. Nearly all of the reserve food was gone since it was sent to Ireland when the troops were there however it was suspected that this year's crop yield would outweigh anything that they have ever seen before. Since the Western Isles, specifically Lewis Isle, became more open with transportation via ferry more commercial and family owned farms were popping up and those that already existed were taught new techniques and were given better forms or irrigation. David had a lot to think about for the Winter but this probably wouldn't be as bad as the last where 57 seniors had froze to death. After that, the government had begun stock-piling much more wood and food.

Upon riving home to the Orange House David met Robert, Vice President Robert, who was waiting outside with his wool-coat and his signature hat. “How was the run David?” Link sprinted to Robert, who was knocked to the ground and had his face covered in slobber. “Woah there! David control your.. haha.” It is hard to be mad at a golden retriever because it always looks like their smiling and they have unconditional love for just about anything except for one thing. Or at least for Link. He loved killing spiders. That is a decent quality.

After Link got off of Robert David stepped up. “My run was amazing. This is going to go great Robert. How is the day starting? Is Susan up yet? I think she has been under the weather.” David got on a knee and gave Link a treat who immediately handed him his paw, “I taught him that.” Robert wanted to laugh although it was pretty good David found him something/someone that could distract him from what would always have to be on his mind as long as he was president. “Well David go take a shower. I got a call from Governor Hurst. He said he needs to talk to you as soon as possible; he said it's urgent.”
“Alright. I hope it's nothing serious. I'll be out in about thirty minutes. I am sure Susan might need to talk.”

David stretched and flicked Link another treat, “Have the governor's office on hold, I guess I can't have my morning coffee with you and the general. You guys go ahead without me.” Link licked Robert's hand to try to get him a pat on the head but Robert gave the animal an awkward smile... Like he could understand, he's a dog. David jogged up the steps to the large oak doors which two warmly dressed Marines pushed open. Secretaries and university students who where shadowing some officials poked each other, “It's the President!” He blushed while Link happily walked by his side. Since the front yard of the Orange House did not have a fence and the back lawn was.. well not a place for an animal to live. So David had potty trained the dog to go to a designated area outside which was more of a court yard where he could go do his business. It worked well enough. He just set off security sensors every now and again.

The door of David and Susan's private quarters creaked. He wanted to go in slow since he thought she might be sleeping but forgot that the doors of the Orange House were the most unmaintained things. Ironically the budget that covered basic maintenance for the Orange House did not cover doors or the carpet because of a loophole.


“Susan, are you up?” Susan O'Neil stared out the bullet proof window to the rising sun. She had somehow managed to move the heavy curtains out of the way of the window and make them look just right, the folds on each side matched the other – something David never understood how. He heard an abrupt sniffle and then a weak voice say, “Can we go a week without someone trying to stop us from progressing or nearly getting into a war with a neighboring nation just because we have different opinions? Why couldn't I have been born a century ago when the world was boring and stable?” David closed the door behind him and went sit next to Susan who was focusing on the top rim of the bright yellow rising sun. “I wouldn't have you if that were true... You know Susan those people who do not like us either do not like us simply because we exist, or because we speak our mind on everything we got a hold of. I am not afraid to say I think the actions of country X are idiotic and that they should change their ways. But for some reason, it seems that now-a-days, every nation on the planet reacts sharply to even one negative word against them. Maybe that's why this world is so hard to exist in, because everyone get's offended for every what that is said. Not one thing can be said in this world, except that slavery is evil and genocide is wrong, that everyone can agree on. This world needs to learn to not take every public statement personally, but until then we will just have to do our best and hope for the best.” David watched while his love rubbed her small gold engagement wring. “Once we have everything settled down for the Winter and this little misunderstanding with England is over.. we could get married at the Cathedral in New Dublin?”

Susan hugged David who was still wet from his run. He ran his fingers through her hair and held her close while she quietly sobbed. “Take the day off darlin'.” Susan laid back in their bed and cuddled herself under the soft sheet and thick covers. Her eyes were red. Some of it was crying but David could also see the small bags under her eyes which made him guilty for sleeping so well that night. “I'm going to go take a shower and get dressed. After that I am going talk to Governor Hurst. Robert insisted it was urgent.” Susan started to get up immediately. Anything that was Foreign Affairs related was headed by Susan. She was the Chief Diplomat of The United States; in other words she was The Secretary of State. “No no honey I got it trust me. If it was really bad I am sure someone would have interrupted my run.” Susan closed her eyes and smiled a little, thinking it was funny, “David you told them not to bother you unless we were being attacked or nuked.” He took off his running shirt and threw it in a hamper. Turning on the hot water he laughed and yelled back, “You're so funny!”

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David finished rinsing his hair and reached for the towel that was hanging over the top of the shower. He could have just put one on the counter next to the sink but David had one of those weird little things that annoy/freak out everyone. Some people can't stand bugs or crinkling paper or just being OCD about lines not being straight when writing. None of this mattered to David, what mattered to David was bathrooms. He hated bathrooms and hated walking barefoot in them. He hated touching the glass of the shower or the three inner walls which the water hit and then quickly cooled against. He couldn't understand why but bathrooms and everything in them, especially cold water on the floor or walls made him very uncomfortable. He could walk barefoot down the street but he couldn't stand to have the bottom of his feet touch his own bathroom floor.

The reason why David had the towel hanging over the top of the shower was so he could put it on the bathroom floor when he was done drying himself. Ironically the towel would get cold and wet beneath his feet but he didn't mind. After the water was turned off and he was over to the sink he brushed his teeth and combed his signature hair. After that he got dressed and ready for the day, which was probably going to be a long one, even if he didn't know it yet.

By the time he was done making himself look and feel presidential he stepped out the marble bathroom and back onto the soft carpet in the bedroom. Susan was snoring which was hilarious. David flicked off the light and quickly closed the door this time, not a unpleasant sound this time.

Now David didn't look like David O'Reilly, future husband, but President O'Reilly, leader of the United States of The Islands. “Mr. President!” Robert was eagerly waving down David to get to the Round Room. People began handing David as he walked by, “From the Western Isles Mr. President”
“From Governor Hurst's office Mr. President”
“Mr. President I have a message from the Agriculture Department”

The papers kept piling up in David's hands. Bu the time he made it to the Round Room the papers piling up to the bottom of his neck, “I am guessing something has happened.” Robert closed the door behind David and it let out an aggravating creaking sound. “Just talk to the Governor, he'll brief you. I'm going get a helicopter ready, you are going to want to see this.”



“We are now reporting live over the Western Isles were there seems to be some type of large fire engulfing the southern and mid sections of Lewis Isle. The fires started earlier this morning and.... okay we have just gotten word that Governor Hurst has just declared a State of Emergency. We will keep you if anything progresses, back to you Lenard.” David flicked off the television and put his hands in his face. Crops were burning. Thousands of crops. Crops that were suppose to feed everyone in the USI over the winter. “Robert?” Robert was in a corner of the Round Room sorting through the papers David had received. “Yes? I think I found the paper from the Agriculture Department.” David stood up and buttoned his shirt, “Is the chopper ready? I want to see this first hand.”
Robert unlocked his iPhone and searched through it, “They are just waiting for you David.”
“Stay here and man the fort, I want to see how bad this is.”

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"Okay Mr. President this is the extent of the damage for this area. You see all the black? That was cropland that was holding the Fall harvest." David and the Coast Guard pilot continued to talk over radio. The United States had gotten aid but two thirds of it was lost when a large fire erupted in many of the storage areas for the grains in the Western Isles and even the Island. It was obvious that something else was going on besides simple brush fires started by farmers who were burning trash, "What are those over there?" David pointed to black mounds of black dirt, "That was a village sir."

David had given a short speech on Lewis Isle and then made his way back to Douglas where he returned to work with Robert on how food would be rationed. It was a blessing from God when they heard that they were getting one million tons of grain in aid.

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