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A Final Darkfall Announcement


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It is with great (pleasure / sadness) that I come before you today to announce the (disbandment / absorption) of the Darkfall alliance. After 1,591 days of existence as (Darkfall / Dark Fist / Darkfall) we have finally decided that we are too good to continue existing as Darkfall.

Our long time (friends / allies / lovers) in Umbrella have invited us to join with them. I expect only (wonderful things / jail time) to result from being absorbed by this fine group of fellow deviants.

At this point in a disbandment notice, or whatever the hell this is, it is customary to thank all of the people who have helped us over the years. But I don’t have the patience for that. You know who you are. You can still expect the same (friendship / sexual harassment) from us. Just now with a shiny new AA.

Finally, let it be known that it would be a tremendously unwise move to raid anyone flying the Darkfall flag. Any attack on the AA will result in an ass pounding.

[b]tl;dr we dun gone and joined Umbrella[/b]

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Simple statement. The Darkfall AA is under Umbrella protection for an indefinite period of time.

Johnny Apocalypse, President
Raken, Vice-President

Puppets, Field Marshall
NFLGeneric, Lusitan, Xavi, Envoy(s)
NationRuler, Economist
The Chief, Wiseman
Domisi, Generator

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[quote name='Chief Savage Man' timestamp='1315512503' post='2796967']
I hereby decree with my total lack of authority that the Darkfall AA will be protected by Umbrella for like twenty years.
just 20 years, that is not nearly enough.
I bet, in 21 years somebody comes around and techraids that AA
Also, congrats are in order I assume

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