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Hi, sorry if this isn't the right thread, but I couldn't find a "Help Center" specific to CN:TE. So my nation, Platypus Island, on Tournament Edition had about 3000 defending soldiers and 50 deployed soldiers post-update. I reduced my number of deployed soldiers to 5 therefore bringing home around 45 soldiers and apparently this caused an upriot in my nation? The description says that "The lack of security forces" is the reason. How can this be as I brought troops home? I don't quite understand why I am in anarchy. Since then, I have bought 5000 additional troops, but to no avail. Can someone please answer my question?


Please move this topic to "Report a Bug" Thanks you!

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You're in anarchy because you deployed to under 20% of your population.

Situations where you can self-anarchy:

-Deploying to under 20% of your population
-Selling to under 20% of your population

Situations where you won't self-anarchy despite having less than 20% troops:

-Buying to under 20% of your population
-Increasing your population so that your soldier count is less than 20% of your population.

You probably got to this situation through the last method.

You won't be able to switch out of anarchy for another 2 days, and there's no way you can get out of anarchy until the timer elapses and you're allowed to change your government. In Standard Edition, the timer is 3 days, in Tournament Edition, the timer is 2 days.

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