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Northern Hyrule Accords: Gorons with Cruise Missles Prevail


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In fulfillment of the legends regarding a growing friendship between their lands, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Kingdom of Hyrule agree to the following terms:

Article 1
The Hyrule Kingdom and Northern Atlantic regions will remain sovereign entities.

Article 2
Neither signatory shall engage or endorse violence towards the peoples of the other signatory.

Article 3
Neither signatory will engage in or endorse espionage against the other.

Article 4
If either signatory receives information concerning a threat to the other or their allies, the receiving alliance will notify the other signatory as soon as possible and provide the relevant information, keeping the source hidden if chosen.

Article 5
In the interest of security, should either signatory find itself in conflict, either by choice or persecution, the other may be called upon to join in arms or help via alternative means. This agreement does not necessarily apply to any engagements not principally undertaken or advanced upon by either signatory.

Article 6
If either signatory decides that it can no longer support this treaty, it can be cancelled after 48 hours notice. At which time NATO will return any borrowed masks and KoH will return all borrowed cruise missiles to their original owners.

[b]For the Kingdom of Hyrule[/b]
[i]High Council[/i]
Supreme Councilor: erikjsch
High Councilor: FrederickIII
High Councilor: Caleb

[i]Royal Council[/i]
Duke of Foreign Affairs: erikjsch
Duke of Defense: Cultus Ferox
Duke of Economics: Caleb
Duke of Internal Affairs: Moon
For NATO[/b]
Secretary General: Devo
Secretary of Foreign Affairs: TBA
Secretary of Defense: Semi the Hard
Secretary of Commerce: AtheistRepublican
Secretary of Enlistment: Sultan Ahmed
Chief Justice: Aress


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Hail NATO o/
Hail KoH o/
Hail Gorons o/

For those interested in the TBA... Our current SoFA has stepped down upon returning to school. As he takes on his academic endeavors full force we are eagerly awaiting the results of a pending mid term election.

Thanks everyone and stop by the forums for a brew later! The embassies are hopping these days =)

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