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Legacy-Dark Templar Joint Announcement

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[center][b]Immortal Vows Pact[/b][/center]

The alliances of Dark Templar and Legacy have come together through mutual respect and friendship sign this Non-Chaining, Mutual Defense, Optional Aggression Pact.

Article 1:
Should either signatory receive any intelligence that would indicate actions being taken on either signatory by a third party, they are required to share the relevant information.

Article 2:
Should either Dark Templar or Legacy come under attack it is required the other signatory to join in the defense of the other signatory.

If either signatory has been attacked in retaliation for joining a war in support of another alliance then this defense becomes optional.

Article 3:
If either signatory engage in an offensive attack, then the other has the option of lending what ever aid they wish.

Article 4:
Should any diplomatic incident come up between both alliances they will resolve it peacefully and diplomatically.

Article 5:
This treaty can be cancelled by either alliance with a 72 hour notice.


The Dark Templar,
Myworld, Triumvirate
TiTaN, Triumvirate
Carta, Triumvirate
Bob, High Templar of Foreign Affairs
CzarBomba, High Templar of Financial Operations

Sarmatian Empire, Lord
Teh_Chad, Regent
King Kaiser, MoFA
Pigalope, Director of Education

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[quote name='NoFish' timestamp='1315275654' post='2795642']
derp derp derp my avatar derp derp sarm sarm talking words sentences

Trolls couldn't wait til the second page tonight.. sweet.

Slightly disappointed that, given our (Iunctus and The Immortals) history with DT, this treaty wasn't already in place when I came back. Looks like all is right with the world once again. :)

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