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Official Olympus Statement on Recent Events


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[center]The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.

[center]Back in the days when Olympus was only a dream, we set out to make her something outside of the ordinary. We wanted a different focus, different goals than others in this realm. If we were to err, we wanted to aim too high and fall short rather than aiming low and settling for too little. We want our milestone announcements to be like that too. We’ll wait until we can share that we’ve exceeded the usual goals—that we’re still aiming high.

Today, we’d like to share that Olympus is [i]more[/i] than 1000 days old,


And Olympus now has [i]more[/i] than 1000 nukes and has grown to [i]more[/i] than 3,000,000 NS


I’m proud of our family and what we’ve accomplished together. I’m also thankful to our allies and friends who have stood by us and made our success so far possible. I’m looking forward to what we can all accomplish together next.

To celebrate, we commissioned Graphix of Valhalla to design new flags for us. I present the Olympus standard:[/center]

[center]And our new War Flag:[/center]

[center]Graphix, we can't thank you enough for these. We're very proud to have these beautiful flags represent us to the world. Someday we'll find a way to repay you.[/center]

[center]We have also installed an arcade on [url=http://www.cnolympus.net/forums/index.php]our forums[/url] and will be having a marathon tournament from today until our 3rd anniversary on December 8. Come and play. There will be cash and tech prizes available.[/center]

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Congratulations to my fellow Olympians. Past and present, each and everyone of you have made Olympus what it is today. A home, a great ally, a refuge and above all else a family.

o/ Olympus

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