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The Black Hair of a Blue Child


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[b]Beb is an insane sadist. If you would rather not know about her evilness then I incline you not to read this. Thank you.[/b]


Bébinn, casually called Beb, slowly walked through the green grass to the doors of the Orange House. She had solid black hair, pail skin, a white T-shirt that had a small Coca-Cola advertisement on it, and a pair of pink shorts that were short enough to go unnoticed. She had a perfect complexion that any teenage girl would murder to have a dark blue eyes that could melt the heart of any man or boy. She was also barefoot. And finally she had very nice.. female gifts.

Beb walked slowly down the road to the Orange House. She walked slow along the bright side walk. Everyone was looking at her. She was so liberally dressed, and so physically attractive, that even women had trouble looking away from her. Her hips swayed from right to left.. right to left.. right to left. It was like watching the pendulum of a clock. Finally after having walked so far, she came up to the entrance to the gate of the Orange House. "Um. Can I help you miss?" The 18 year old recruit questionably peered over at the girl. They never got.. walk ins? "Yes" she said seductively, "Maybe if you come out of that little box I can tell you Mister Army man. Want to come tell me hello?" The soldier began to stutter when he spoke. He was starting to sweat. He hadn't been this nervous since the first day of basic training, "I uh.. Um. See, I am not suppose to leave me post so-"
"I'm right outside the door. Just for a second sweetheart - that's all I need." The soldier hesitated at first. But she was in the way if anyone important came. Right? He had to help her then get her to move along yes.. Just make her move along.

The soldier walked outside, trying to ignore how Beb was dressed or looked, "I um.. You need to move along soon.. miss.. see you-"
"Shh shh.. Just stay still." He was almost shaking now. He was surprised a girl, even a pretty one, could scare him probably more than God. Beauty is a weird thing.
"Now see" she said as she walked around him, checking him out, "I need you to open that little gate right there and tell your friends to let me in the pretty little oddly colored building you got that sweetheart?" she had an accent. It wasn't European. Was it some type of North American accent? He didn't say anything - well he was trying, but the words were coming out as a mess.
"You um.. I don't think you are.. on the roster.." she stood on her toes and kissed him on the side of the mouth, "Trust me sugar lips, I'm on the roster." He nearly fainted,
"I I I I I'll um open the gate m-m-m- miss." He wobbled over to the small control room and pressed a button, opening the gate. "Le-let her through." he turned off the microphone to the men at the door. Beauty has it's mysteries.

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You're right. I'd rather not read this.

As a public service announcement, if anyone feels the need to post a disclaimer to the effect of "[character name] is an insane sadist", you might be better off not posting it at all.

Oh, and lastly, if you're going to do some deeply disturbing and creepy sexual roleplay, don't preface it with a picture of a sixteen-year-old girl.

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