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Foriegn Affairs Press Release


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The Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Harrold Wynters, would approach a podium before a select audience primarily consisting of academia, military personnel, and diplomatic aides…as well as a few camera’s. The Secretary had been in conference with Mattias De Luit, the Keeper and autocrat of the Domain of Strigia for several days, hammering out a press release which would provide sufficient guidance to its regional neighbors as to its intent in the region, and the world.

Dressed in a pale grey suit, the older, silver-haired gentleman would begin speaking as soon as the Recording light turned on.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the Armed Forces, Academia, the Foreign Affairs Department, and most importantly, our regional and international neighbors:

“It has come to the attention of the Keeper’s government that a Statement of Intent is required in order to effectively communicate our desires, both to the people of Strigia, and the world at large. As a nation of refugees, whose forefathers were refugees, the Strigian mentality is truly unique in the world; we recognize the inherently transient nature of nations, and of borders. Our culture, rooted in the common adoptive heritage of a people in diaspora, includes faiths, cultural ideals, and identities that defy common understanding of social and racial identity; we trace our decent equally from Nordic roots, Celtic roots, German roots, Southern European Roots, and others too many to count; among the established and formally recognized clans are peoples descended of Finnish and Japanese stock, Pacifican and Jewish bloodlines; and our faiths are as colorful as they are wide-ranging.

“The commonality of people, of our strong Marchar culture, has absorbed all of these, and created out of it a culture of merit, of honor, of appreciation for strength, intelligence, integrity and wisdom. Thus the first statement of our diplomatic intent is an appreciation for culture; ours and the culture of others. Thus, it is the official position of the Marchar, the Domain, and this Department to do everything possible to combat racial discrimination, and that no diplomatic relations will begin or be rescinded based on issues or disagreements based on race.”
Wynters took a moment to let that sink in; though it was a generally accepted line of thought in most of the world, there were still some nationalist, racially motivated leaders and soldiers in the world, and it would be a hard battle If those positions came from regional leaders. Never the less, it needed to be said.

“Secondly, the Keeper’s government desires nothing less than equitable, peaceful relations with all of its neighbors. To that effect, the government has mandated several diplomatic expeditions to its various neighbors, with peace, security, and mutual benefit in mind. Although Strigia is not and will never be a war-mongerer, the experiences of our history have informed us that the best defense is a good offense, and it with thus that with great pride I announce the formal alliance of Bohemia, Dalmatia, and Strigia, as members of the Imperial Defense Bloc. Our Armed Forces and theirs have already begun an impressive level of coordination and intend to cross-train in order to maintain security and good order in the region.”

“Thirdly, the Domain of Strigia has also passed an ODP with the Athenian Federation’s government; we will be pursuing further relations with them as time goes by and we grow together in friendship and commercial relations.”
He paused for a moment, adjusted the paper-work on his podium ever so slightly, and continued:
“As for further regional and international diplomatic work, our diplomats are currently in the process of reaching out to Austria-Hungary, a power for peace and prosperity in the region. It is our hope that these talks will bring with them a stronger relationship with such a respected power, as well as trade rights and mutual benefits. While we have not made diplomatic contact with the UFE yet, it is our intention to do so as well, in order to establish a positive, working relationship with the government responsible for the spread of peace across the globe.”

“Thank you for your time.”

The press would erupt into various questions as the camera’s panned out; Mr. Wynter’s would be available for questions from the press; precedence would be given to press from regional and continental neighbors.

OOC: Feel free to rp a reporter from your nation, asking other questions of policy, etc, etc.

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