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Pork Shrimp Announcement


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Last round Pork Shrimp was, rather conspicuously, not a part of TE. I had fun in tW warring with some of my long time friends (thanks to Clash, KO, and the rest of tW for the home). PS needed a break. A lot of our players simply needed a break. Well, the break is done, and now we need to make up for lost time.
Pork Shrimp hereby declares its existence for Round 19.

A few things to note:
PS Quartet of Doom: bcortell (the troll), Livintoolive (the Knicks fan), Cellardoor (the fragile one), Schad (the manatee)
PS IRC: #porkshrimp
As always, if you attack PS be ready for a fight, and don’t expect peace just because you’re done. We likely won’t be. Frankly, we at PS are a little sick of the shadow games. Who’s hiding, who’s helping who, who’s running, and what it all means. In an effort to keep things simpler for everyone involved: What you see in PS is what you get. We don’t give a **** about anything other than destruction, and no one is going to be particularly safe if we have our way.

bcortell, Livintoolive, Cellardoor, Schad

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