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[size="3"][u][b]Election Results[/b][/u][/size]

The elections are over and the General Assembly has once again chosen their representatives for the coming term.

[b]Secretary General[/b]: eZe
[b]Assistant Secretary General[/b]: Max Cristof
[b]Secretary of Economics[/b]: DSwan
[b]Secretary of Interior[/b]: Vitsen
[b]Secretary of Defense[/b]: JWZepf
[b]Secretary of State[/b]: Finnish Commie

[b]Senate XLIII[/b]: OsRavan, Chaoshawk, Walling, Yankeesfan924, Italiarule

There were no changes in the Secretariat as the group which had many rookies last term returns in the same lineup.

In the Senate only two members are returning from term XLII, Chaoshawk and OsRavan. They are joined by Walling and Yankeesfan924, who have previous government experience, and by Italiarule, the lone government rookie this term.

Congratulations to all those elected.

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