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The United States of Libertas National News And Happenings


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[size="5"]Libertas National News[/size]


Its true, the Government has released the official statement of a secret spy war going on between our great nation and the nation of
The Russian Republic.
The government has not released what had happened, but it sure explains a lot about the heads lines, stating that a terrorist spy attack was
a severe possibility.
Officially, 20 people were reported killed, in this short, one week long conflict.
It was the first time in our history that our Nation was in Defcon 2, stating that a war could began at any second.


The conflict had also put a halt to the National Armys 23rd annual bike race.

Here to speak about the conflict with us, is 3 star general Henry Stalls.

LNN:So, why is everything so secret? What is being hidden from the public
Henry Stalls:Well, we had believed that their nation was a regime, not allowing freedom of speech, and detaining people who spoke about their government
LNN:Most people who live in our Country seem to not be able to trust the government as much as they did before, do you think it was a mistake??
Henry Stalls:No, it was not a mistake, we just tried to gain intelligence about their nation, however, our spy was caught just as the info got to us, and he was detained.
LNN:Has the spy been returned home yet?
Henry Stalls:No, he was executed shortly after he was captured.
LNN:And that should have been the end of it, correct?
Henry Stalls:No, they had sent a spy to our nation about 13 hours later, and had gained vital information
LNN:And then what?
Henry Stalls:Predator Drone pictures and Videos had shown massive gatherings of enemy tanks and Troops
LNN:Is that when we were put into Defcon 2?
Henry Stalls:Yes, we where very close to a national draft, the vote stopped at 51% to 49%
LNN:Wow, that is a very close number
Henry Stalls:Indeed, but of course, we mobilized our troops, and as we were doing this, another spy was sent into their nation to change their threat level
LNN:And, it failed?
Henry Stalls:Yes, he was killed only 2 hours after being deployed, so they sent a spy into our nation to kill one of our spys, and he was killed by our counter-counter spys.
LNN:And then what had happened?
Henry Stalls:Well, talks began between our two countrys, and they actually agreed to allow freedom of speech.
LNN:So, mission acomplished?
Henry Stalls:Yes, Mission Acomplished

We will return after these commercials with more.

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