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3 Years


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Hola gentes!

It's Zeke. Today(rather the 29th, but who's counting? :blush: ), my nation has turned 3 years old. I am here to state a few things, and then I have some question. So bare with me, please.

It's been 3 years of the nation of Espana and the leadership of Ezequiel, I am very proud of this day actually... 'Cause I now feel ancient, but other than that I've had fun here. Meeting new friends, forging relations, creating haters and exposing idiot(you know who you are). I've made my fair share of "enemies" in this game, and before this I've had a few more, however that is not the subject at matter. I would like to thank all those who have helped me, those who have put up with me, and those who love to hate me. You've all made my time here a bit more interesting, for a lack of a better word. All of you know who you are, so making a shout out is pointless really. If you want a personal shout out, ask.

However, on to the questions...

I'm not going anywhere... @TLR: umad bro? :smug:

Onward to 4! I've made it 3 years on this nation, what's another year eh?


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