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An Announcement from TLR

Voodoo Nova

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[center][size="5"][font="georgia"][b]An Announcement from The Last Remnants[/b][/font][/size][/center]


The Last Remnants recently held our first general elections. When the alliance was first formed, three senators from each of the three merging alliances where chosen to act as the First Senate of The Last Remnants for a total of nine senators. During the past two months, several pieces of legislation were passed through the Senate which included a charter amendment that reduced the senate to a total of five members.

Elections are held every two months with one Triumvir position and five senate seats up for grabs. Triumvirs serve six month terms while the senators serve two month terms. Ministers are appointed by the Triumvirs and confirmed by the Senate and have their performance reviewed by the Senate twice a year.

Without further adieu, I hereby present, the full, entirely devoid of treason, completely innocent and legal governing body of The Last Remnants;


Rush Sykes
Voodoo Nova

[b]The Ministries[/b]

Minister of Economics - Blackrose
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Jgoods45
Minister of Internal Affairs - Wyrmon
Minister of War - stealthypenguin93

[b]The Senate[/b]

Senate Leader - Cameronious
Devilyn Caster
Stefano Palmieri

Furthermore, we would like to announce the retirement of Shamed from active government. Shamed has continually served in the governments of various alliances for the past four years. We can't possibly thank him enough for the time and dedication he has given to us and we wish him nothing but the best as he steps down into retirement. Shamed has been awarded the rank of [b]Overseer Emeritus[/b], a rank reserved for retired Triumvirs of the [s]gayest[/s] highest caliber.



It gives us great pleasure to announce that The Last Remnants has reached a total Nation Strength of 8 Million. This is nearly 2 million NS above merger expectations. Yay us!


The following alliance affiliations are under the full protection of The Last Remnants:

Greenland Republic
=LOST= (League of Shadows Treaty)
Federation of Buccaneers

Any unprovoked acts of aggression towards any nation on these alliance affiliations will be considered to be a direct attack on The Last Remnants and will be treated as such. Don't mess. ;)

[center][b]That is all. Have a nice day. [/b][/center]

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