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All-Union Zeonic Young Socialist League


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[b]Khaborovsk, United Federation of the East[/b]
At the First Congress of the All-Union Zeonic Young Socialist League

[i]A young girl of about 12 rises to address a stadium packed with young men and women. Red banners stream above the massed ranks of youth.[/i]
"Comrades, it is my pleasure to introduce comrade Mikhail Volkov, Chairman of our All-Union Zeonic Young Socialist League and revolutionary guide.

[i]A uniform wearing man briskly walks to the stage, shaking the hands of various party dignitaries. His booming voice sweeps across the assembled ranks[/i]

Dear comrade delegates,

Dear members of the All-Union Zeonic Young Socialist League,

This, the first Congress of theAll-Union Zeonic Young Socialist League is a major occasion in the life of the young people and in the socio-political life of the country as a whole.

The Central Committee of our Party has commissioned me to convey to the delegates and guests of the Congress of the All-Union Socialist League and all young Zeonic Socialists throughout the country cordial greetings from the Socialists of the United Federation of the East and wishes of success in your work. [i]polite applause[/i]

History,” Marx wrote, "calls those men the greatest who have ennobled themselves by working for the common good; experience acclaims as happiest the man who has made the greatest number of people happy.” This ideal was embraced by the young Yuan Jia. Jia's impact on the destiny of mankind is immeasurable. The revolutionary reorganisation of the world, to which he dedicated his life, is similarly immeasurable. The age of the Great Revolution is justifiably known to history as the age of Jia. [i]polite applause[/i]

Representatives of the glorious multinational army of young fighters for socialism have gathered here. Today, just one year from the founding of our Young Socialist League, our ranks number in the hundreds of thousands. Perhaps in time for the second Congress our own dear leader, Yuan Jia, will be here to address us. [i]shouts of encouragement[/i]

Looking round this hall shining with young faces one cannot help thinking of what identifies you with the lads and young women who heard Jia and made a great contribution towards the victory of socialism and the defence of its gains. Like them you are utterly devoted to the cause of Zeonic Socialism, prepared for self-sacrifice for the common cause, implacable in your attitude to the imperialists and have the same sense of proletarian class solidarity with millions of working people throughout the world and in our own home.

The tenants of our own Zeonic Socialist society are as simple as they are revolutionary. East Asia, from Australia in the south to the Arctic north, from Japan in the east to Turkestan in the west, is a strong, free, guiding light in the world. Gathered in our diversity, stronger still in our unity, it is the goal and desire of Zeonic Socialists everywhere to unite this vast land under the August Imperator, our heroic leader who, while adhering to communitarian socialism and meritocratic rule of the most able, guides and protects this nation. [i]prolonged applause[/i]

There is much work to be done still, but it was your parents who started the revolution and you, the young people of the United Federation of the East who will carry the red banner forward towards victory. [i]stormy, prolonged applause[/i]

May the solidarity, unity and cooperation of the United Federation of the East and the All-Union Zeonic Young Socialist League carry the revolution of our August Imperator forward into our new century! Let this be the century of victory, and let your generation be the generation of revolutionary fervor and victory! [i]stormy, prolonged applause[/i]

Long live the Revolution! Long live Imperator Jia! [i]all rise, stormy, prolonged applause[/i]

Mikhail Volkov



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[quote]Dear Esteemed Future Generations of the All-Union Zeonic Young Socialist League:

The United Federation of the East is fortunate that its youth maintain the revolutionary zeal and patriotic political spirit which power the destiny of nations. It is within the spirit and determination of future generations that I and my fellow leaders get our motivation to run our glorious Federation.

I encourage you all to adhere to the tenants of Zeonic Socialism. It is truly glorious that this political movement values the importance of Pan-Asianism and solidarity not just with your fellow citizens, but with all our friends in the Asian Community.

We must never forget the importance of revolutionary struggle!

I encourage you to never lose conviction in your political ideals, or your strong bonds of fraternity. Even in the face of our enemies nuclear missiles, they cannot take this away.

Long Live the All-Union Zeonic Young Socialist League!


Comrade Yuan Jia[/quote]

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