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Oceania DoE


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[center]Today, Oceania officially declares its existence.[/center]

[center]We will reside on the Red team.

Our forums are located at http://edsmatrix.net/adude/
Our IRC is #Oceania-Cn[/center]


War is Peace [center]Freedom is Slavery[/center] [right]Ignorance is Strength[/right]

[b][u][center][size=200][color=#008000]Charter of Oceania[/color][/size][/center][/u][/b]

From this day forward the Government of Oceania (hereafter referred to as The Party) presents this charter as the ruling document of the nations of Oceania.

[size=150][center][color=#0000FF]Article I: Admission[/color][/center][/size]

All nations that apply to Oceania will be questioned until The Party is satisfied with their loyalty and activity before being allowed access into the Oceania Reeducation Program. These nations must not have any outstanding conflicts with other alliances.

[size=150][center][color=#0000FF]Article II: Government[/color][/center][/size]

[i][center][color=#008000]Section A. Party Hierarchy[/color][/center][/i]

[color=#008000]Big Brother[/color]

Oceania is ruled by Big Brother, the identify of Big Brother is never to be known outside of the Inner party.

[color=#008000]Inner Party[/color]

The Inner party consists of the directors of Oceania's departments and operations; only inner party members are eligible to become Big Brother.

[color=#008000]Outer Party[/color]

Devoted officials of The Party, all members who hold working positions in government will be considered members of the Outer Party.

All Outer Party members, through hard work and devotion to the Party and Oceania, are eligible to become members of the Inner Party.


The mindless masses. Proles are the regular citizens of Oceania.

[i][center][color=#008000]Section B. Departmental Structure[/color][/center][/i]

The Oceanian government is run by the four ministries: The Ministry of Peace (Minipax), Ministry of Love (Miniluv), Ministry of Plenty (Miniplenty) and Ministry of Truth (Minitrue). There functions are as follows:


Led by the Minister of Peace, Minipax handles all the war related activities of the party.


Led by the Minister of Love, Miniluv is responsible for Oceanian interaction with other alliances. Miniluv will seek out and reform foreign Thought Criminals, teaching them to embrace the friendship of the Party.


Led by the Minister of Plenty, Miniplenty is responsible for facilitating trade and tech rationing between Oceanians, and foreign friends.


Led by the Minister of Truth, Minitrue is responsible for the internal running of Oceania, and for seeking out those who wonder alone, bringing them into the glorious embrace of The Party.

[size=150][color=#0000FF][center]Article III: Militarism[/center][/color][/size]
[center][color=#008000]Section A. Declaring War[/color][/center][/i]

Both Big Brother and the Minister of Peace may suggest a declaration of war to the Party, however conformation from a majority of the Inner Party will be required before it goes into effect. In special cases of emergency, when a quick action is needed, only Big Brother or the Minister of Peace are needed to declare war.

[i][center][color=#008000]Section B. Raiding[/color][/center][/i]

Noting that the primary aim of modern warfare is to use up the products of the machine without raising the general standard of living, members are encouraged to divert funds towards maintaining militaries, and engage in raids against unaligned thought criminals.

[center][size=150][color=#0000FF]Article IV Amendments[/color][/size][/center]

Amendments to the Charter may be proposed by any member of Oceania. Propositions will be considered and voted on by the Inner Party. Those that pass a majority vote of the Inner Party shall become Law.


Big Brother: ---*

Minister of Plenty: Mikey
Minister of Love: Stelios
Minister of Truth: Carpatus
Minister of Peace: ADude

*name withheld, see Charter for explanation


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The New Pacific Order and Oceania, hereafter referred to as the Parties, agree to the following terms:

[b][u]Article the First - Non-Aggression[/b][/u]
The Parties agree to adhere to a policy of non-aggression towards each other. Neither will engage in military actions against, or any economic or political aid to, an enemy of the other.

[u][b]Article the Second - Protection[/b][/u]
The New Pacific Order shall defend the nations of Oceania provided they abide by the terms outlined in this document. This defense by the New Pacific Order shall consist of, but not be limited to, military, political, and economic assistance as necessary. In the event that the New Pacific Order is involved in a military conflict, Oceania is encouraged but not compelled to provide support if requested by the NPO. However, if Oceania should instigate or engage in hostile behavior (as perceived by the New Pacific Order) of any type towards a third party, this document will be made null and void at the discretion of the Emperor of the NPO.

[b][u]Article the Third - Intelligence and Consultation[/b][/u]
Both Parties agree to not engage in espionage against, and will make all efforts to provide information relevant to the interests of, the other. Oceania shall consult with and seek the approval of the Emperor of the New Pacific Order, or her authorized representatives, for all foreign affairs decisions that could impact both of the Parties. This is to include: any declarations of war, wartime aid or aid which might be reasonably assumed to be high-risk, and the signing of treaties. To this end, both of the Parties will be strongly encouraged to maintain high levels of communication with each other.

[b][u]Article the Fourth - Amendment and Withdrawal[/b][/u]
This agreement may be amended as necessary at any time by authorized representatives of both Parties. Should either of the Parties wish to end this treaty, they may do so at any time by serving notice to the other, with the terms of this agreement to remain in effect for seven days. This article is considered void should Oceania engage in hostilities as outlined in Article the Second.

[u][b]For the New Pacific Order:[/b][/u]

[i]Mary the Fantabulous,
Dragon Emperor of the New Pacific Order
Reformed Neutral Menace

Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order
Sword of the Order

Farrin Xies,
Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs
Purveyor of an FA Direction[/i]


Big Brother: ---*

Minister of Plenty: Mikey
Minister of Love: Stelios
Minister of Truth: Carpatus
Minister of Peace: ADude

[size="1"][i]*name withheld, see Charter for explanation[/i][/size]

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[quote name='D34th' timestamp='1314855949' post='2792042']
You stole Polaris theme, you'll be hearing from our lawyers soon! :P
Nope!! We made sure.. Only thing the same is the name of the ministries and ministers :D

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