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[i]Page 1[/i]

Our great King has called upon every man and women in burgundy to raise themselves for the Grand Army of Burgundy. The Militia corps of the regions have been given the option to join the military. King Koda has asked for a 300 Thousand person army. Already local Frenchmen are signing up. At a center of recruiting [/quote]

[quote][i]Page 2 Sidebar[/i]

The King is interested in people with degrees in economics, if you are a citizen of burgundy and think your qualify please report to the Leinstan building in Paris.[/quote]

[quote][i]Page 3 Main[/i]

The King appointed his first minister today. The minister of defense of our grand kingdom is Mr. Arron Chevalier. This minister has a long record of service under the Paris police and militia even working to quell riots in the south.[/quote]

[quote][i]Page 10 (Headline Story)[/i]

The king awarded a contract to the government owned White Water Defense Industries to create the standard equipment of the Grand Burgundy Army (GBA)[/quote]

To: Development of Defense, Minister Arron Chevalier
From: King Koda
Subject: Development of armed weapons platforms

Minister Chevalier it has come to my attention that the contracts from the new company White Water Defense Industries has met the requirements that you have specified. I have come to understand that these things will be needed in order to defend France and push our military plans forward. I have selected you because you are the best of the best and it is already showing.

Your King
Koda Jacques Fitzroy V

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[i]Page 1[/i]
[center][b]The Grand Army[/b][/center]
Recently the King put out a call to all of the people of Burgundy. This call was for establishment of a Grand Army of Burgundy. Currently our King has received a record number of volunteers, within the day already an estimated 300,000 have signed up for duty under our flag. Of course these men aren't ready for full service yet however a training program has been established and is currently being implemented. continued on page 3[/quote]

[quote][i]Page 2 sidebar[/i]

The King is expecting a visit from our neighbors over in west France. The King has ordered everyone in Paris to be on there best behavior if they see the King of the Angevins.[/quote]

[quote][i]Page 3[/i]
Continued from page 1

The goverment has announced that a established general has come out of retirement in order to lead our armies. The people of burgundy will soon be able to guarantee there own independence in the face of any threat.[/quote]

[quote][i]Page 3 sidebar[/i]

The government has announced that Ilaria Cimino has been declared the minister of the economy. She has been the King's financial adviser for years and the majority of people expected her to be sooner. However this news paper supports our Kings decision and believes he selected the most capable person for the position.[/quote]

[quote][i]Page 10[/i]

White water Defense has announced that the new military designs will be ready for publishing to the Defense Department within a few days. They say that there "Establishment inside the government" has allowed them to speed up in the specs required by the government. They say this has "Given us a positive advantage in terms of our ability to create an armed forces for our great kingdom." In this papers opinion we believe that this is a great resource upon which our nation can call upon.[/quote]

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[i]Page 1[/i]]

[center][b]A new minister for the kingdom[/b][/center]
Our King has done it again! He has appointed a new minister that will serve our nation greatly. The new minister Ms. Adele Lambourne a personal friend of the king and friend to many people outside of our kingdom. For her first orders upon being announced were a visit to the Germanic Union in order to open up diplomatic channels.[/quote]

[quote]Page 2

White Water Defense has begun hiring hundreds of around Burgundy in what they called "Meeting the requirements of labor". The government is currently in talks with White Water of building our military equipment to a set standard. This paper believes that White Water is getting ready to fill the orders that our government will make.[/quote]

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Page 1
[center][b]A Royal visit from west France[/b][/center]
Our neighbors from the other side of our western border have sent there queen and king to our great lands for direct talks with our king. This paper belives that moves should be made in order to increase relations. How wonderful it is to open our own diplomatic relations with other nations. After this visit this paper believes our king should visit Athens and England if he continuing with the two nations at a time approach.[/quote]

To: King Koda
From: Minister Arron Chevalie

My King our defense partner has begun production of prototypes of the military vehicles that they will present to us in a few days. Once these arrive they will be open for your view and will be tested rigorously until the final contract is signed.[/quote]

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Page 1
It has come to this papers attention that military prototypes for future designs were delivered to military bases around the nation last night for testing. The source has asked to remain secret which we will. This papers opinion on the subject is that it is a great day for our nation that we will soon be able to produce our own weapons.[/quote]

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