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A Royal Coronation


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As Koda Jacques Fitzroy V of Bourbon sat in the room off to the side of the church, he thought to himself about what happening today. A tear rolled down his cheek as he thought of his father, and how he should have been where Koda was now, awaiting coronation.

"All rise for Koda Jacques Fitzroy, Prince of Burgundy and Heir to the thrown" the voice echoed while Koda entered the throne room. As he looked around while walking down a red carpet made of only the finest fibers. He looked around at the deep royal red banners that hung from the ceiling, and the gold that was trimmed around the room. As he got closer to the throne he looked around at the faces around him. Everyone was so delighted that this was the king they were looking for there faces all showing what could only be described as pure joy and happiness the only emotions that could be seen in the crowed that was in the hundreds. As he took the final steps between him and the Regent who was crowning him he took a deep breath.

"Prince Koda Jacques Fitzroy V of Bourbon, heir to the throne of Burgundy, Son of the late Benoît Jacques of Bourbon, and his fathers before him. I Herby bestow upon you the right of your birth, the royal crown of Burgundy and present you with the royal Scepter of Burgundy." The high Regent said as Koda was on one knee before him.
"I Accept the right of my birth" Koda replied.
"Then it is done, all hail King Koda Jacques Fitzroy!" The Regent exclaimed.

Rising from his knee with the crown on his head reaching for the Scepter Koda had fulfilled his birth right. As he turned around to face his court they were all repeating "All hail King Koda!" until it filled the room. Koda stood there for a minute allowing the words to what felt like pierce his very soul. After a few minutes he raised his free hand and silence came upon the court instantly.
"My citizens of Burgundy. We have our own nation with our own leader. I will lead Burgundy into the future." He had said all that he had needed to say. Burgundy was its own nation now, and he was the leader.

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"The Athenian Federation confirms Burgundian independence and recognizes King Koda Jacques Fitzroy V of Bourbon as the King of Burgundy. As a former protectorate it is applicable for membership into the Delian League which we hereby offer it."

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"Another Bourbon?" Theresia looked at Governor Verena Schuster as the papers recognizing Burgundy's independence were pushed forward. "This is starting to get out of hand. They're in Italy, Mexico, and now back in France." She sighed, "I think I'm starting to hate that family again. This territory was supposed to go to the Angevins, was it not?"

"There have been multiple claims for independence, as well as Angevin take over, Your Highness. The Burgundians, in my opinion, and in the opinion of the Athenian Governor were the best suited to maintain stability in France as well as our militarized border with Germany." Schuster pushed the papers further on the desk. "But we are waiting for your signature, before the transference can take place."

Theresia looked at the paper again before scribbling her signature across the black line. "Maintaining the balance of Europe," she shook her head. "Hopefully Paris will have their own agenda away from their cousins in Rome. That said, tell Minister Kant I would like to see him later today. As much as we need to keep the Germans contained, Bourbon containment should be our next issue."

"Of course, Majesty."



Austria will recognize Burgundy as birthing in the Eastern French Protectorate.

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"It is good to see our cousins and neighbors rise again. We were greatly concerned for the future of the region, but I see we have found another stable crown for the region. My God bless Burgundy's new King with the wisdom to lead her into a prosperous future. As soon as I am done with affairs in Vienna, I would love to come next to Burgundy and discuss the affairs of Europe with King Fitzroy V. If he sees fit to host us, when we are done here.. we'll not schedule a flight home from Vienna, but to there instead."

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