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Extending an Olive Branch


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[quote]Private Message to Republic of Africa Government:

We have noticed increased activity along our common border, and find this distressing. Instead of escalating the situation further on our side, I hope that talking to directly about this will produce a better outcome for both of us. We in the PRA wish to continue to uphold our Non-Aggression Pact, and wish to invite you to join us in discussing a manner in which we can diffuse this unneeded situation.


Abdul-Haqq Ibn Waffles[/quote]

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[quote]To: Abdul-Haqq Ibn Waffles
From: Director of the Vanguard Frontino Sopuluchukwu

I can assure you, the increased presence you note is the result of military exercises. While it appears as if offensive movements are being planned, there is nothing your government or soldiers need to fear.[/quote]

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[quote]To: Director of the Vanguard Frontino Sopuluchukwu
From: Abdul-Haqq Ibn Waffles

While it is within your rights to perform such exercises near our border, given past tensions, I feel it would be best if the exercises took place farther away from our border. [/quote]

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