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Legion France

Captain Enema

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Ben Morris, formely of the Kickapoo Confederation, now a proud member of the Honorable Legion French Project examines his holdings from the small vessel he's stationed on.

"Signs of life sir?" his assistant Friday asks him.

"None," Morris replies.

"Odd that," Friday comments.

"Not so odd, times of strife tends to draw people towards major population centers. I'm sure we'll find plenty of inhabitants farther inland," Morris replies.

"Your orders sir?" Friday asks.

"My good man Friday, we will effect a landing in a prompt and direct manner and claim this part of France in the name of Legion," Morris orders.

Friday rips off a crisp salute and makes his way to the landing craft carrying a platoon of Legion Engineers. "Let's go boys!"


Fort Camerone- Legion France

"Ladies and Gentlemen of the world, I bring you an exciting new Legion project in the heart of France. This untamed soil will be given new life as an agricultural project for the purposes of exporting those agricultural surpluses to various parts of Africa, namely Port Sudan. The Legion Organization taking control of this bit of France is known as the Honorable Legion French Company.

The director of the Company, a Mr. Ben Morris, once was an enemy of Legion, but now is a proud member of our ranks. We have great hopes that under his guidance the men and women of the Company will bring prosperity and fair governance to the Legion holdings in France.

Our first priority will be to begin making contact with French communities and begin tying them into the larger construct of services and contracts. We'll be importing a variety of goods to bring the area up to spec. Though, our initial findings show us that Austria and Athens have left it in good order.

For the time being the 1st Legion Demi-Brigade will be taking up station at Fort Camerone along with the 336th Air Strike Wing. A civilian owned Air Transport Company will be arriving shortly to begin moving products and people around the holdings.

We greatly look forward to working with the people of France and Europe at large."



The 1st Legion Demi-Brigade departs its ships. They are lightly armed men formed up to serve in a civilian police role. They are heavily complimented by SOG Teams who will act in a training capacity to organize native police forces for the purpose of taking over their own security responsibilities rather than having them conducted by Legion Forces.

The SOG teams and Demi-Brigade companies fan out across the countryside and begin making contact with the French civilians. They bring the message stating, "We come in peace, we are hear to do business, we are recruiting farmers, mechanics, policemen, teachers, and doctors. Fair rates of pay and good benefits for those who sign up."

In several cases the Legion Forces encounter still formed police and military units. Rather than disbanding them they are convinced to return to their barracks where they'll be given full pay until a determination can be made regarding their future. Morris decides rather quickly to run them all through a brief Legion Course on Legion Military and Police procedures before returning the bulk of them to duty under the command of their own officers and Legion observers.

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Fort Camerone

Three Thousand Frenchmen and Frenchwomen are enrolled in a quick and dirty Legion Training course that will give them all the insight into Legion law enforcement procedures. Most find the material to be dull and repetitive and not much of anything new, but they do pick up a few interesting items like radio transmission protocol and Legion rank structures.

Equipment is provided in the following form to the 3000 men and women of the Constabulary:

For crowd control and heavy support-
Saiga Semi-automatic Shotgun
10 Round box magazine, or 20 round drum for this Semi-automatic to fully automatic shotgun.


For a side arm-
Colt Para Arms .45
14 round .45 autoloader


For personal Armor-

For hazardous duty situations-


For Precision Tactical Purposes-


For Close Quarters Combat-


For patrol Vehicles and aircraft-




Once the Constabulary has completed their training they will begin phasing out the Legion Demi-Brigade, which is currently patrolling the borders of Legion France. In order to put a friendly face on the entire administration several Legionnaires who are of French descent are ordered to join the project. One, a Legion Council Member, Rene Duchaine, got his start long ago with the French Foreign Legion, but moved on after his enlistment expired.

Duchaine is given the task of creating a local representative government that is self-sufficient withing in the boundaries of Legion foreign policy. He quickly gets to work hiring a staff and making contact with rural village mayors urging them to return to work and going as far as ensuring them they'll be paid directly be Legion along with their public servants in order to ensure a smooth transition from one authority to the next.

With Duchaine comes a Legion Special Operations Group Team which previously spent months creating the medical, civil, and educational infrastructure of the Legion Ghana Project. They are tasked with giving all the local hospitals, civil works departments, and schools a thorough inventory and making up a list of their needs. These veteran special forces troopers well versed in several languages get right to work to dig up the information needed to ensure a continuation of services.

More importantly they are tasked with discovering the regional body responsible for those services and politely convincing them to remain at their posts under Legion employment. It's a great deal of work, but not seen as an impossible task as the Legion France area is certainly far more developed than the Ghana or Siberian areas previously were.

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** Private **

Dear Athenian allies,

I've noticed a foreign flag landing troops and equipment in your protectorate region. Is there something I should know about? Also, I'm still interested in East France. I noticed you're sharing the protectorate with Austria now, so I'll be going to Austria to speak to them about it as well. I owe them a visit as it is.



Angevin farmers and citizens are curious about what is happening across the border in the Protectorate. A few walk over and talk to the Legionaires.. some are offering to help them with the work due to their wage offerings.

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[b]Fort Camerone[/b]

The Legion France Constabulary is rapidly transitioned from the classroom to the streets with an ample portion of Legion advisers keeping tabs on them for the time being. This allows the Demi-brigade to begin pulling back to Fort Camerone and to their barracks to keep more out of sight. As time goes on the Demi-Brigade will be distributed throughout the Legion France area in small company sized bases but for now the thinking is to get as much as a French presence on the street as possible.

Legion SOG Team members and the newly formed Legion France Civil Administration under Duschaine quickly come to the conclusion that the local governments in place are more or less intact. A few local villages and such have needs of equipment and other items, but nothing of major importance. Those items needed are put on a list and forwarded to Port Sudan for purchase or shipment directly from Port Sudan depending on the cost of either venture. Most of these items include official vehicles, heavy construction equipment, and medical devices in local hospitals.

The response from Port Sudan is to set up a credit account with the Port Sudan Commerce bank allowing Duschaine to make the purchases of equipment from Europe to avoid the expense of shipping them from Legion. A Legion purchasing agent is sent to Austria, a regional ally of Legion, to make the purchases and to set up a small office there to conduct future business between the two parties for other purchases as they come up.

A few issues rise up involving local disputes involving water rights, criminals being held in local jails, and other minor issues. Morris weighs in on them and orders the criminals relocated from their local jails to Fort Camerone, the water shared equally, and cash payments made to a few farmers that had Legion vehicles accidentally make detours through the middle of them. As things stand now the Legion structure in place is as follows:

Morris- Executive Officer of the Honorable Legion France Company

Responsible for all business transactions, criminal issues, and matters of state within the area. Morris answers directly to the Legion Council in Port Sudan.

Duschaine- Chief of the Legion France Civil Administration

Responsible for education, civil services, health-care, and the Constabulary. Duschaine answers directly to Morris.

The current employment of French civilians in Civil Administration positions is 43 percent. This number is to be doubled within six months as Legionnaire temporary employment contracts expire and the SOG Members begin to rotate back to Port Sudan. Within one year the number is expected to be at 99 percent as the last of the Legion Members move onto other assignments. Local elections will be held within two to three months time depending upon local conditions.

Legion Overseas Administrative Policy is put into place dictating the criminal code for the area, which at all times attempts to mimic the penalties and criminal codes previously in place out of consideration for local sensibilities. Judges will be hired locally to rule over local matters. A matter between a Legionnaire and a local will be presided over by a local Judge and a member of the Legion Armed Forces. A Legion on Legion issue will be handled by Legion authorities as a Legion matter providing no damage has been done to local property.

In all civil and criminal cases the final say in the case are held by Morris, but even he can be over-ruled by the Legion Council. His exact orders are to stay out of local legal affairs so long as someone isn't getting stoned to death or something of that nature.

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"Keep in mind the Honorable Legion France Company is merely a joint partnership between the government of Legion and private investors. The project itself is controlled under the Legion Overseas Administrative Code, which ensures certain inalienable rights to the native peoples of the areas. We are however certainly willing to do business with your fine nation. Give us a bit to get more established and I'm certain we can come up with arrangements that will not only be beneficial to you, ourselves, but also the Frenchmen and women living in Legion France."

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[b]Fort Camerone[/b]

In order to test the ability of quickly reinforcing Legion Forces in Legion France there will be an extended series of drills designed to stress the limits of Legion forces in Legion France beyond their capabilities to provide services for large bodies of Legion forces and equipment.

Numerous large fields, already lying fallow, have been rented from farmers for use in parking Legion equipment. Routes are being prepared, and extra fuel and supplies are being positioned.

In Port Sudan 6 Armored Divisions are called up and are made ready for movement. Shipping is scarce so shuttling them back and forth by a variety of means will be required.

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Local harvests and such are collected and paid for at market rates plus 5 percent. Co-ops giving the farmers bargaining power to negotiate with Legion purchasers are encouraged. It also gives Legion room to demand a certain quality of food in return. Food products under the standards are purchased at heavily discounted prices to keep them off the market and knowing the Legion Quartermaster General they'll be turning up in Legion ration packets sooner or later.

The Legion Demi-Brigade is put on notice for extended field exercises. Mostly long hikes, lots of uncomfortable nights, and lots of bad food to keep the men in fighting trim.

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