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365 Days of Peace


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On August 28, 2010, Pax Corvus declared its existence before all of Digiterra. By October 10, 2010, we had passed our first important milestone – 1 million total NS. Less than a month later, on November 1, we bid a fond farewell to our membership in Amazon Territory, graduating from being a protectorate of Randalla and company.

So today, on August 28, 2011, we proudly celebrate that we have been a part of Bob for a full year. We would like to invite you all over for a cup of coffee and some peaceful Celtic music.

Ionracas Neodrachta Pobail Comhionannais (Neutrality Equality Community Integrity)

Síochána (Peace)

Cerridwyn of Greenpeace, Chief
Archein of Archetopia, Tanist
Nessus of Prandinia, Seneschal and Chieftain
Apropos of Trumpet Sound, Chieftain
Muskrat of Hydronia, Envoy
Isolde of Creag na hIolaire, Emissary
Klaus Barbie of New Order, Bard[/center]

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Congrats, my tree huggy friends. :D

As much as I tease them, they do that whole neutrality thing right. It's not every day that a new alliance survives and thrives, much less one completely dedicated to a peaceful existence. I know these things. It's like a sixth sense. :ph34r:

Looks like you guys have turned into the older sibling, after all. Age before beauty and all that. ;) I'll be in for coffee tomorrow.... afternoon.... :wub:

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