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Mecklenburg Elections


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OoC: I realize some of these (CCU, mainly) seem to be out of place for where I am, but bear with me. They won't last long. :OoC

* [b]Note[/b], parties marked with "*" may be violating local and regional laws, and are thus being investigated.

+Parties marked with "+" have views similar to another and may merge.

---NOTE--- The ideas listed here are simply notable or noticed during interviews with prominent members. They are by no means the party's full intentions nor 100% accurate. A press conference, to be scheduled soon, will answer any questions or concerns you have with the parties. Most of the groups have been relatively busy and meeting with them was very difficult.

[u]Facist Party, nominating Rep. Hermann Reisig[/u].

Notable ideals:

- Third Position

- Anti-Immigrant

- Against abortion, birth control and euthansia.

- Imperialist

- One Leader

- Nationalism

- Anti-Athens

[u]Christian Conservative Union, nominating Walter Dobelmann[/u]

- Teaching the theory of intelligent design along with evelution.

- Capitalism

- Family Values

- Anti-Immigrant

[u]Communist Party, nominating Frej Zeli.[/u]

- Typical Communist Ideals (ooC: Don't feel like typing them all. :V)

[u]Revolutionary Party, nominating Rep.Otto Helt.[/u]

- "Fresh ideals"

- Scientism

- Socialism

- New government idea, in which a single leader is elected, who then chooses a group of ministers. Every two years, votes will be held to determine whether to keep the leader and his cabinet in power, or kick him out. To avoid power abuse, there shall be a congress which can repeal his decisions. (Source: Leon Spaete, party spokes man.)

- Seperation of church and state.

[u]Progressive Party, nominating Trudy Franks[/u]

- Liberal Socialism

[u]Democratic Party, nominating Will Goeller.[/u]

- Similar ideas to Progressive. [unconfirmed]

[u]Green Party, nominating Helen Hesse.[/u]

- Non violence.

- Democracy

[u]Monarchists, nominating "Queen" katherine Schultz.[/u]

- 1 person rule.

- German Empire ideals.

- Imperialism

[u]Nationalist party, no candidate announced.[/u]

- Similar to Facism.

OoC: [i]Urgh, I was looking up political parties but then my brain burned out, so that's why I started churning out low grade, simple answers. Sorry about that. :/ Also, I had trouble describing the Revolutionary Party's government structure, sorry about that. [/i]:ooC

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[quote name='Fizzydog' timestamp='1314486432' post='2789565']
[u][b]Christian[/b] Conservative Union, nominating Walter Dobelmann[/u]

- Teaching the theory of intelligent design along with evelution.

[b]- Capitalism[/b]

- Family Values

- Anti-Immigrant

OoC: lol so wrong but so true

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[quote name='Tidy Bowl Man' timestamp='1314513077' post='2789806']
Voting Fascist..

[quote name='Markus Wilding' timestamp='1314537554' post='2789914']
Boted Fascist

[quote name='Shan Revan' timestamp='1314538719' post='2789922']
voting Fascist Party, nominating Rep. Hermann Reisig.

[quote name='Aggressivenutmeg' timestamp='1314568995' post='2790176']
Voting Fascist

We wish to point out that there is no fascist party in the polls. There is, however, a Facist Party with similar viewpoints.

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