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Mecklenburg Splits


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OoC: In order to better the development of my planned government, I had to tone down the independence thread. I know this is a very, very bad looking introduction, but It was much easier, and will make much more sense, this way. :OoC

Radio Broadcast from Schwerin, Mecklenburg, Germanic Union.

"Good afternoon, people of the world.

My name is Lars Einarsen, an aspiring member of SefDef. It has become my job to announce the official split of Mecklenburg, from the Germanic Union.

Four weeks ago, a petition from a small town, of about four hundred signatures, requesting for independence was sent to the Mecklenburg-Vorpommel administration. The letter was largely ignored by government officials, but the media caught wind of it. After it was reported, a large quantity of mail containing more petitions flooded the administration office, to the point a regional vote was called in.

32 representatives from each district came forward to voice their thoughts and vote. After a week or so of debating, a unanimous opinion was reached: independence.

So we are here we are today, letting the world know Germany has approved our request for an independent nation as ourselves. One who will start on a blank sheet, ready for the people of the Land to fill it with a selection of diverse ideals. A nation that will start from scratch, for the people will choose its government.

If we thrive or face our downfall, it will be at the hand of the people. The way it should be.

If any questions, comments or concerns are needed, send them to the Mecklenburg-Vorpommel administration office, who will be supervising the nation until the democratic elections are finished, and a new government is set up.”

OoC: Once again, I’m not satisfied with this, but it made more sense this way. Don't judge me on this. =P :OoC

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