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A merger you all heard about months ago


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Greetings, my dears! After much work and debate and even more work, I am pleased to finally be able to officially announce this little project of ours.

Some time back, the Amazon Nation and representatives of several of our protectorates came together to discuss combining our various talents under one roof, not to be soaked up and absorbed like gravy on a biscuit, but as equals, each with a great deal to contribute. I'm pleased to have been able to work with these folks, both as protectorates, and now as members of our new, combined family. It has been challenging coming up with the right balance, and it will continue to be a challenge, maintaining that balance, harmony and teamwork throughout the weeks, months, maybe years to come.

These preliminary participants of the Amazon Nation, Status Quo, Sajasabie, The Grand Federation, and Darkslaying Order of Goons are proud to present this true merge of cultures, ideas and talents, with future participants and contributions already in the works:


[b]Public Charter of The Apparatus[/b]

It is the purpose of this grand alliance to promote the advancement of our members, to recognize the individual talents and contributions of every member for the good of the alliance, and to protect our own and our allies from outside aggression. We are a collaborative, cohesive, coherent entity under a single affiliation. We welcome the advancement of our members and other alliances as we incorporate all those who wish to become a part of our own noble experiment.

[b]Code of Conduct Within The Apparatus[/b]
(Expected Behavior)[/center]

- The Apparatus expects loyalty, respect, support and defense from all members at all times.
- The Apparatus does not knowingly harbor criminals. Any concerns regarding any applicant, member or official will be resolved promptly.
- No member may declare war on any other nation, nor employ the use of spies or nuclear weapons [b]without[/b] obtaining proper prior authorization.
- While The Apparatus prefers diplomatic resolutions to all conflicts, it may eventually become necessary to go to war. All members are expected to deploy upon orders without reservation or delay.

(Joining The Apparatus)[/center]

Aspiring members may request to join in the following manner:

- Settle all unresolved issues and outgoing raids.
- Properly resign all previous connections to any other affiliation, and repay all debts therefrom prior to posting an application to join.
- A request for mediation to resolve all previous disputes may be made at the time the application is posted.
- Become a member of the Black Team if not already in a stable, established trade circle.
- Register and post a membership application in the appropriate forum.

Once the above steps are completed, there will be a brief wait while the application is reviewed, ensuring that any and all pending issues are resolved. During this time, an applicant may be asked various questions by any member or official prior to being accepted. An applicant is encouraged to respond to any and all questions promptly and candidly, in order to hasten the application process.

We welcome all who follow these rules with open arms. However, those who are found flying the affiliation for more than 24 hours without complying with the above listed rules, or without attempting to initiate private contact by any means, will be considered a ghost and will be exorcised accordingly.

[b]Executive Authority[/b]
(Ruling Body)[/center]

Patron/Patroness- Holds the term for life or until resignation. The Patroness shall hold the final authority over all matters, including but not limited to declarations of war and approval of peace terms, foreign relations, and the rendering of decisions involving the internal affairs, officers and members of the alliance.

Director - Elected by a simple majority for a term of six (6) months. The Director shall hold authority and approval over matters not held by the Patroness, including but not limited to the appointment of various assistants, veto power over the passage of new laws and amendments, and the formation of panels and civilian task forces.

[b]Executive Departments[/b]
(Appointed by the Director)

Defense Corps (General) - Responsible for coordinating military strategy and training.

Engineering Corps (Chief Engineer) - Responsible for mechanical and technological advances and improvements concerning the operation of the alliance. Not to be confused with "Tech" or "Technology" which falls under the description of finance, engineering is concerned with such things as forums, calculators, communications, etc.

Diplomatic Corps (Emissary) - Responsible for managing foreign relations, establishing and maintaining foreign and domestic embassies, and creating negotiation dialogue during war time.

Civics Corps (Professor) - Responsible for bringing in and introducing new members to the ideals of the alliance, for assisting in the establishment of tech deals and trade agreements, and for the further economic and educational development of individual members.

[b]Judicial Authority[/b]
(Apparatus Tribunal)[/center]

Justice - Responsible for fairly and impartially administering justice, and settling disputes and accusations brought to trial.

Investigator - Represents the alliance, serving as the prosecutor during proceedings against accused member-nations.

Advocate - Responsible for the defense of accused member-nations.

[b]Legislative Authority[/b]
(General Members)[/center]

Speaker of the Assembly - Representative elected by the general membership to speak on their behalf in order to expedite the various approval processes.

General Assembly - Consists of all regular members not already a part of the executive or judicial branches. Regular members are those who hold a seniority within the alliance of at least thirty (30) days.

[b]Council of The Apparatus[/b]

Being the product of several different elements and cultures in the alliances that came together to form The Apparatus, it is a goal of this alliance to preserve the best qualities of each. In order to achieve this goal, one representative from each contributor is chosen to serve on the Apparatus Council for purpose of further exchange of information and ideas for the duration of the current election cycle.

(Approved Applicants)[/center]

New blood and new ideas are the future, the very meaning of The Apparatus. Once an applicant is approved for membership, Initiates are well educated, well informed, and well prepared to enter into the ranks as a full fledged member.

Upon graduation from the Initiate phase, the new member shall choose their own identity to be placed in their nation's Bio. The name is to be used in place of a member ID number.


[b]Peace-Time Declarations[/b]
(Tech Raids and Training)[/center]

Gunners - New nations will be afforded proper training and guidance both in the manner of defense and in tech raids under the following restrictions:

- The target has no alliance affiliation or an affiliation comprising only one (1) member.
- The training exercise is approved and monitored by the appropriate authority.

Snipers - Experienced nations may apply for appropriate blanket clearance in order to engage in any peace-time declarations, under the following restrictions:

- The target has no alliance affiliation or an affiliation comprising only one (1) member.
- The target has at least one (1) active offensive war.

[color=Red][center]Wilful negligence or failure to comply with any laws, or any direction of the officers of The Apparatus, may place your nation at risk and result in expulsion.[/center][/color]

Our private Compendium goes into a little more detail regarding our various processes--it's much more boring than the shorter, public version. ;)

Our preliminary government members and assistants are as follows, until our first official elections can be held:


Amarynth :wub:

King Ernie

[color=blue]Engineering Corps[/color]
Chief Engineer: Elbryan
Machinist: Larethiel

[color=blue]Defense Corps[/color]
General: Kerdor
Commander: Darkslayer

[color=blue]Civics Corps[/color]
Professor: Ezequiel
Mentors: Lord Optiplex, Neteman, Riser, MrSilencer, Bigkif

[color=blue]Diplomatic Corps[/color]
Emissary: Maximillian Thorton
Ambassadors: King Tower IV, Liltrekkie, TheRec

A short note about all of the AA's involved and those that are still under the Amazon Territory Protectorate:

Amazon Nation, Sajasabie, The Grand Federation, DOG and Status Quo will all be protected for the next 20 days to ensure that everyone [color=red]((ooc: specifically those putting up with the hurricane))[/color] will have ample time to make the switch. The protectorates Knights of the Round Table, The Rosicrucians, Murder at Dawn and Monarch Order will carry over, with additional updates to come after the transitional phase is complete.

We would like to offer special thanks to our current allies, who have all graciously agreed to carry over our current treaties--many of us shared common connections, regardless of the affiliation we have flown and will be flying from here on out.

The Shadow Accord
New Sith Order
Order of the Black Rose
Global Democratic Alliance
our tri-membership agreement with Pax Corvus and Ubercon
our above listed protectorates

Long story short:

The Apparatus is going live. All AA's protected for 20 days. Treaties and Protectorates carry over.

We will be remaining on the Black sphere. Black team rocks!

Wiki: http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Apparatus

Forum will remain the same as the Amazon Nation forum--previous url will be redirecting to the new name for the next few days: http://cnapparatus.proboards.com

IRC: #apparatus

For those interested, the course of events of this merger have been posted in the Think Tank, and will be updated to include additional information over the next couple of days.


and it's pretty


We now return you to your previously scheduled program already in progress. ;)

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[b]We are one. Status Quo has been here on Planet Bob since the 18th of January, this year. However, on this day, August 26th, 2011, we come together with our allies and friends to form something greater than either of us are alone. We are one, our allies will become friends under us. Our friends will become allies, and so forth. We have had the pleasure to have this time where Status Quo and the other of this merge, The Amazon Nation, Sajasabie, The Grand Federation, and Darkslaying Order of Goons. I would like to give thanks to all those who have had their hand in the existence of Status Quo, such as the ones that follow...[/center]

BloodFury – You know why you have this shout out.

TheRec – You weren't originally intended to some into SQ, but you did and that means a lot to me. I appreciate all you have done, and I will await to see what you will do as our MoFA.

Liltrekkie – You do not get the recognition from Planet Bob that you deserve. You are a great person to have in an alliance. You're productive, fun, and good at what you do. I'm glad you joined OO so long ago, and that we've been friends since. To all the others who didn't and don't believe in you, their loss, our gain.

TSA – You are our longest and most loyal Allie, as with GDA below. This is a mutual shout out to you, G, and TSA as a whole. You've helped us so much as with GDA, and I truly thank you for that. I am beyond honored that you wish to keep out treaty.

GDA – You guys have been one of our longest and most loyal Allies. You've given us all that we have needed, and I thank you extremely for that. We will repay you our debts and beyond, if at all possible. I am honored that you wish to carry the treaty over.

The rest of you know who you are, and you know what you have done. If you don't, contact me cause you still know who you are.

We are one; Amazon, Quo, Dogs, Sajasabie, and the Federation. To-day is a great day for us all, as we form one and will grow to become better. This will take form as The Apparatus. [/b]

The Prophecy,
Ezequiel, Prophet of Status Quo
TheRec, Prophet of Status Quo
Liltrekkie, Prophet of Status Quo[/i]

[b]As above mentioned, we will be under protection of those stated.

To the future!

o/ The Apparatus


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[quote name='Banksy' timestamp='1314423339' post='2789175']
Not only had I not heard about this merger, I had not heard about one of these alliances.

Now you have :awesome:

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[quote name='Banksy' timestamp='1314423339' post='2789175']
Not only had I not heard about this merger, [b]I had not heard about one of these alliances.[/b]
In these cases, that's a good thing and probably intentional. Although the merging alliances were all on the small side (not sure I'd say any were [i]micros[/i]), they were run fairly well. Their government and members kept to themselves and didn't spawn any of the cringeworthy drama that other smaller/newer alliances tend to create. So you probably didn't hear of them because they kept their houses in order.

I had heard of them, but that's because I liked the alliances' governments and I found the sort of there but not treaty between Amazon Nation, Pax Corvus, and Ubercon, extremely interesting (it's a shared membership/one way defensive treaty).

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