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Declaration of Existence from the Parliamentary Vasudan Empire


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Khonsu looked out his window and took in the majesty of Tir-anna. The imperial standard hung proudly from the walls of the palace. It was a cool day, complemented by a substantial breeze which brought in the scents of the Caspian Sea.

After thirteen months, repairs in the capital were finally finished, and things had returned to normal. The bombs had stopped falling long ago, but total recovery was still many months away. Khonsu realized that the revitalization of the empire would need a leader with a firm hand. Although he, like his father before him, had expanded the powers of Parliament over the course of his reign, the quibbling politicians would still never accomplish anything without the guidance of the Emperor.
"Shall I have the invitations sent now, Your Excellency?"

Sadvis, the Prime Minister. The Emperor was just wrapping up his daily meeting with the cabinet.

"I forgot to write them up this morning. I'll have Saad send them later today."

"Understood, Excellency. Thank you for your time," Sadvis replied.

Khonsu went back to his desk and pulled out his stationary. Pausing a moment to choose his words, he began to write the invitations:

[center][i]My Fellow Leaders and Representatives of the International Community,

I, Khonsu II of the Parliamentary Vasudan Empire hereby cordially invite you to open a consulate in our fine capital city of Tir-anna. The Empire is ending its long period of isolation, and hereby extends its hand to all nations. We would be pleased to send our own diplomats to your nation in return. I am pleased to personally write this notice of our arrival on the world stage, and I look forward to sharing a prosperous future with you all.

Signed and sealed,
Khonsu II, Emperor and Protector of Vasuda
Lord of the House of Hol'na[/i][/center] [right][indent][img]http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y257/Kahn20/VasudaSeal.png[/img][/indent][/right]

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To: Emperor Kahn of Vasudan
From: Nike Niciae, Secretary of State of Novus Niciae

Your Highness,

The Republic of Novus Niciae welcomes the Vasudan Empire into the world.

It is nice to have some stability in the Caspian sea area, we would also invite you to visit our nation where we can discuss the possibilities of trade between our nations.

Nike Niciae
Legatus Princeps Senatus

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"Zargathia welcomes the Parliamentary Vasudan Empire into the world. With Rebel Army on your southern borders you have a strong and trustworthy ally to support you, as a treaty holder ourselves we are pleased to say we think highly of them."

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