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First Elections in the Northern Federation



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Months have passed since the deadline set by Director of the Provisional Government Robert Halford and his Provisional Committee for free elections, during which time Halford continued to maintain that the nation was not yet ready to face elections at its level of development in terms of infrastructure and institutions. During the interim, several parties and political organisations already began to spring up in the Northern Federation, garnering power and support as the final date on which elections would begin approached. Today, the voting booths were at last opened to the public, as Halford spoke for the last time as Director of the Provisional Government, stating his confidence in the people of the Federation to "do what is best for themselves and for their country".

The parties and their candidates are listed below, along with major campaign points and stances on social, political, and economic matters.

The largest and most powerful of the parties to have arisen in the Federation is the Socialist Coalition. The Coalition began first as a number of different leftist parties, each vying for popular support and each with similar goals and ideals in mind; they were eventually united under the leadership of Isabelle et Violaine (the youngest candidate, at age 39), who now helms the Socialist Coalition's campaign as their candidate. et Violaine and her supporters cite her low-class upbringing and experiences with poverty as one of her best qualities. "I think I know well the struggles of the lower classes that go so often ignored by the government and the higher classes," et Violaine said during an interview with the Federal Tribune. "And I know what needs to be done to ensure that future generations don't need to go through those struggles to find security, safety, and happiness."

The main campaign points of the Socialist Coalition include:

-Decrease unemployment rates and ensure proper aid to families below the poverty line.
-Ensure efficient institutions for social security, healthcare, welfare, and education.
-Instate a secular, irreligious government while maintaining a right to peaceable religious practice (though discouraging such practice in public)
-Play an active part in local, and then international sociopolitical scenes.
-Cooperate with local nations to improve the living standard and wellbeing of the people of the Federation.

Closely following the Socialist Coalition is the Nationalist Party, led by Robert Halford and his party. Though Halford has come under criticism from various points for delaying the beginning of elections in the Northern Federation, Halford maintains that until this point the nation would not have been able to sustain elections. "At this point it is most important that we cement a national image for the people of the Northern Federation," Halford mentioned during a speech as the election day approached. "Something for our people to admire, to be proud of, to inspire our people, something our citizens can be proud to declare their allegiance to."

The main campaign points of the Nationalist Party include:

-Increase the military and defence budgets, and ensure proper institutions and equipment for the Armed Forces to prepare for possible internal/external threats.
-Adopt a highly isolationist stance in regards to foreign affairs.
-Instate an atheist, meritocratic government system and remove religious influence on politics and public institutions.
-Strengthen the cultural, social, and political identity and foundation of the Northern Republic as a nation and as a people.
-Focus on the strengthening of the Federation's infrastructure and the creation of a clear state hierarchy.

OOC: This election is the result of the fact that I have nothing to RP, and when you can't think of what to RP, what do you do? Elections, of course (or actually RP something interesting and not, you know, half-assed like this, but to hell with it). I could have made a bunch of boring ass parties that no one likes, but the race is really only going to be between these two and I feel no need to create some sort of 'democratic' or 'conservative' party because no matter what the results are if they came out on top I would have just said either of the above parties won :v.

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The polls have closed, and the final results have been announced. With 62.5 per cent of the overall vote, surging far ahead of all competition, the Socialist Coalition took the polls by storm. The Socialist candidate, Isabelle et Violaine, was this morning officially designated by the Federal Committee as the Chairman of the Federal Committee and Executive Director of the Northern Federation, while the Socialist Coalition has gained control of 31 seats in the Committee. On the other hand, the Nationalist Party came second with a comparatively paltry 32 per cent, gaining the party 16 seats in the Committee. Robert Halford, leader and candidate of the Nationalist Party, was unavailable for comment on the turnout of the elections, though et Violaine spoke extensively at her public designation outlining yet again the goals and objectives she set out to complete as the Executive Director of the Northern Federation.

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