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Investigating Old Friendships

Captain Enema

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[u][b]Port Sudan[/b][/u]

"The Empress Maria Theresia is back on her throne," comments Dellion as he looks at the men of the Legion Council.

"This certainly changes things," a council member comments.

"Our oath the Empress is still very much intact," comments another council member who goes onto finish with, "I see we have an obligation to honor it to the best of our ability."

"Well, first we need to sit down with her and explain our grievances. Once we've ironed out our differences and laid out our expectations of creating a true merger we'll be in a better position," Dellion responds.

"What do we want?" asks a Council Member.

"No more nationalist identities. A true merger brings us all into the same community. We need a national identification and Imperial Citizenship for a Austria and Legion. Further, a creation of a mixed Austrian/Legion Corp for defensive operations in Austria. Last, a careful restructuring of Legion social programmes to bring them into line with each other. Samething for our university progammes," Dellion says.

That conversation concludes after several hour of haggling before a mutual agreement is found.

[quote]Legion Austria Merge Suggestions

In order to create a more harmonious union between our two great nations we, the Legion Council have several requests.

We wish to institute an Imperial government that provides for an Imperial Parliament. Members of Parliament will be drawn from Legion and Austrian ranks. Terms of office are 6 years with possible re-election, depends on the whim of the people.

We request a carefully considered review of both our charters or constitution for an amalgamation of the two documents into one Imperial Charter so that Austrians and Legionnaires will be given the same rights and duties.

The Empress Maria Theresia may well be your leader, but out of fairness we wish consider a dual monarchy. Not in the sense that there are a King and a Queen. Legion just doesn't have that sort of attachment to royalty.

However, Legion is willing to provide a high ranking member of our government so that he or she might act as a co-ruler of the Empire. Perhaps overtime the actual mechanics of such a move will have to be very carefully considered.

For this reason whoever we provide will be very careful about not directly injecting themselves into European affairs until they have consulted with the Empress beforehand.

We ask that a common language be adopted as the lingua franca of this Imperial Empire. It need not be an African Language or even Austrian. I do support the idea that these languages should be taught in schools, but we feel a second language should be required for the citizens of both countries in order to provide a common ground of communication.

Many of our soldiers speak French due to the French Foreign Legion influence at the founding of the African Legion so long ago.

Last, and this is important, we invite the Austrian Military to join Legion forces in celebrating Legion Day. In the past Legion day was to remember the Battle of Dengali, but now it's proving to be so much more. Specifically all the men and women of both of our military organizations that fell in the Austrian Germany War no so long ago.


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[b]To: Dellion of the African Legion
From: Maria Theresia II, Empress of Austria
Subject: Re: Legion Austria Merge Suggestions[/b]


Friend, it is a pleasure to see your words again, it has been too long since we last talked and I hope the circumstances of before are long past. When I read of the exodus of the Legion from Austria, I will not lie that I was greatly troubled, but perhaps this parting of the ways for our two peoples was needed for our own destinies to bear fruit. I have read over the suggestions and considerations for a second merge of the African Legion and the Austrian Empire and unfortunately, while I would love to see Legion and Austria returned to the bond we shared in the past, I do not believe it is practical. At their roots, Austria and The Legion are just too different, we have different goals and different views on the world around us.

That said, I do not believe that all friendship between us should be lost. Legion and Austria share a history, even if it is a tremulous one and I believe that both of our states have unfinished business to conclude, that being an ending show of reverence to our brothers and sisters who died during the German Invasion of Austria. There has been bad blood in this situation ever since the creation of the Republic and while that era has ended I can only assume that the tensions between your people and mind still exist. What I would ask is for you to come to Vienna, meet with me and we can discuss the possibility of a creation of a bi-lateral holiday for our nations, in remembrance of the war. In addition, while a joining of countries in a dual-monarchy is impossible, an alliance between The Legion and Austria is something I would like to see occur. But you let me know what is acceptable and what is not.

I would still like to take the chance to catch up on things and hope you take up my invitation to come to Vienna. I anxiously await your reply and hopefully your arrival.



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"Of course she said no, would you have agreed to those list of demands?" Dellion asks the council.

"Well no, but the point is to get us talking with Austria to see what sort of relationship we can forge with them at this point rather than letting things fester," a councilman replies.

"Well, it's a start anyway, I'll get on the plane," Dellion mutters.

"Yes you will, and you'll take two of our members with us," replies Suwi Duvall.

"Very well," Dellion responds as he, Duvall, and Rene Delchaine quietly leave the council chambers to gather their things prior to flying to Austria.

[quote]To: Empress Maria Theresia
From: Dellion

Will be arriving shortly.


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