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General Operations and Actions of RdlL

Shan Revan

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[color="#0000FF"][i]OOC: This thread will be to record projects, movements, operations, actions and news from La Royaume de la Lumière. All posts are to be considered classified unless explicitly mentioned otherwise.[/i][/color]

[b]Summary of the Nation as of 25/8/2011:[/b][/color]

[b]Current deployments[/b]

-4 Carrier Battle Groups patrolling around Naboo.
First Army stationed in Naboo as a garrison.

-2 Carrier battle groups off the West Saharan coast with a small detachment of the Third Army (45,000 strong).

-rest of forces within RdlL.

[b] Current major ongoing projects:[/b]
-Improvement of infrastructure within RdlL and modernisation of the nation.
--Status: Major work done, with new cities constructed and much infrastructure laid. Ongoing expansion and modernisation into regional areas.

-Repairs to the artificial island of Naboo
--Status: Structure assessed as safe, ongoing damage assessments for repairs. Estimate time of completion (Full restoration) decades.

-Space Program (ultimate goal mars)
--Status: planning and design stages. Some testing. Satellites launched.

-Investigation into reviving old technologies from Naboo
--Some successfully revived (stone burner, mountain buster). Ongoing research into other technologies.

-National defences, SDI, SOSUS lines, Satellites, Air Defences, over the horizon early warning radar etc
--Basic SDI, Satellites, AA Defences, Radar etc functional. SOSUS in planning stages.
--OTH radar in construction

EDIT: Updated.

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[b][size="4"][font="Impact"]Omniscient News Network - SPECIAL REPORT:[/font][/size][/b]

[b]Nouvelle Naboo -[/b] In a press release today, HRM Arsene Moreau, made several surprise announcements. After years of trillions of Omnis of debt to nations such as the UFE, CRC and Rebel Army, la Royaume de la Lumière has made its final payment, several months ahead of what analysts expected and officially declared the nation "debt free". The large debt was used to build a nation and its infrastructure from scratch, stave off starvation and controversially to fund the massive acquisition of modern military hardware. Critics often point to the nation's strong and expensive militarisation as unnecessary in such a stable and friendly region as Asia and suggest that items such as air craft carriers, are primarily used to project power in distant regions, a task that is not in the nations interest.

With the nation now officially in surplus, a significant portion of the nation's budget has been freed up for public spending. His Royal Majesty declared that it would primarily be used to fund national projects of national defence, citing the risk posed by the many recent failed states for rogue elements to appear in the region. Notably announced was the construction of a large semi-permanent undersea sensor network, a national air defence system, over the Horizon radar systems in Addition to upgrading the ageing SDI system. Additionally social services have received a 20% boost in funding and national research has received a 30% funding increase.

The big surprise however was the presentation of the First Constitution, establishing a constitutional monarchy and parliament as was promised at the nation's founding. Critics had begun to wonder if this would ever happen but are pleased to see elections being called in several months, early next year. Many critics however say the constitution doesn't go far enough, with the Monarch still wielding considerable power. However its supporters point to the newly established independent judiciary, guaranteed human rights and freedoms, restrictions on internally oppressive actions.

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The joint proposal from La Société Scientifique Royale and La Société Nationale d'Industrie Aérospatiale for an over the horizon radar network has been approved and received funding to the amount of 6.7 billion Omnis for construction and development.

Dubbed "The all seeing EYE", or simple "The EYE" by those working on it, the network consists of a short range (~1,000km) and long range (~3500km) system of overlapping fields as depicted in the diagram below.

[i]Click for expanded, diagram is an approximation of fields only[/i]

The network consists of six transmission sites, and receiver sites. Each transmission site has a powerful 28 element array, each driven by 27KW power amplifiers for an impressive 756kW transmitted between 5 and 30MHZ which is then bounced off the Ionosphere. The system operates at a far lower frequency than most civilian or military radars that often operate in the microwave spectrum. Although this is a lower power output than some sites, the use of the most modern electronics enables the system to be significantly more sensitive, and could theoretically operate on as low as 560KW reliably. Additionally there are six Ionosonode stations located throughout the nation to update a map of the Ionosphere rotationally every 200 seconds, for continued reliable operation in spite of changing conditions.

The system is sensitive enough to detect and track a Cessna-172 taking off or landing up to 3,200km away. Additionally it has some ability to detect stealth craft due to the top-down reflection profile from the Ionosphere, the ability to detect aircraft through its wake turbulance and due to most RAM being designed to defeat microwave based radar featured in most aircraft and ground based radar.

"The Eye" also provides extensive maritime protection, able to monitor naval vessels, illegal fishing, smuggling and civilian operations.

OOC: Based on what little data is available publican, some extrapolation, generalisation and guestimation, I'm putting the anti-stealth's effectiveness fairly low for most things. For example, at maximum range 90%+ chance of detecting an F-117 equivalent, 50% chance of detecting a reduced RCS, 4.5 gen fighter (ie Eurofighter, F-15 Silent Eagle), 15% chance of detecting a 5th gen aircraft (ie Raptor) and <5% chance of detecting a sixth generation fighter in CNRP. Obviously the chance of detection increases as it gets closer and exposed to more radiation.

EDIT: Just to clarify, wouldn't be able to really get locks, at maximum range the resolution is tens of km wide. Which is enough for early warning/vague tracking, but I can't fire rockets off at it.
EDIT2: I should not that whilst the ranges are approximately right, I'm not very good with bezier curves and inkscape so the shapes are a bit wonky/off etc. As I said, the image is an approximation

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[quote]From: The Office of National Defense of the Athenian Federation
To: Royaume de la Lumière

It has been brought to our attention that your state has very extensive and reliable experience with RADAR systems. As it is the Hellenic system can detect a significant portion of threats however with the continued advancement in military technology we would like to inquire if there is a possibility to obtain your assistance in setting up our own advanced networks. Of course this would occur at a fee that can be agreed upon during negotiations.[/quote]

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A high priority had been placed on achieving immediate border and maritime coverage with the construction first focussing on the short-range arrays. Several testing stations had already been constructed as research beds and proving grounds for the proposal, both shortrange and longrage - it was merely a matter of moving the systems into their permanent military installations. So using the pre-existing semi-permanent antenna structures, the facilities were constructed relatively quickly, providing complete coverage within ~1000km, and extended coverage to the south. Unfortunately, with only two pre-existing Ionosonodes, and the rest of the antenna the rest of the transmission and reception stations needing to be built from scratch it would take a little longer for the rest to come online.

OOC: Going to have the remaining three fields come online every 2 days in a clockwise direction starting in the south. So next is westward.

TO: The Office of National Defense of the Athenian Federation
SUBJECT: Procurement of OTH radar
Our nation and its predecessor have long been renown for our affinity for advanced technologies. Although we have not yet achieved the levels once held by the Omniscient Empire in some fields, we have developed our own new systems, based on a fusion of old knowledge and the new knowledge of the world that existed whilst we slept under the ocean. However we are hesitant to share technologies that are part of our strategic defence with nations who we have had little to no contact with and are only considering it based upon the strong regard held for the Athenian Federation by our close allies in the United Federation of the East. His Royal Mjesty is currently in Austria for the Imperial Ball, however afterwards he has expressed in meeting with Athenians to discuss the matter.

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With all the elements of the Over the Horizon Strategic Early Warning System finally in place it was time to start fine tuning the system. With the full system now in active use several problems had become evident, most notably the Ionosonode network was under performing by 37% and the power supply to one of the eastward stations had a large manufacturing defect and needed to be replaced.

The first problem would be rectified with the installation of another 4 Ionosonode stations to improve reliability, resolution and update frequency. Revised calcuations based on empircal data suggested that with the new additions the Ionosonode network would operate 9% above original expected specifications. The second problem would be rectified by merely replacing the faulty system.

The remaining problems were relatively minor growing pains and would be resolved over the coming year. Things such as an improved user interface, and improved, fine tuning the system for maximum performance, long term records of anomalies and disturbance and to build a library of signatures.

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TO: The Ministry of Defence
FROM: La Société Scientifique Royale
SUBJECT: RE: RFP - Maritime Strategic Surveilance

PROJECT SILENCE is a next generation maritime security system based upon the highly successful design used in the old Exclusion Zone. A new modular design enables easy future upgrades in later production blocs and for firmware updates to existing units. Project Silence places a strong emphasis on reliability and long life with no maintainable in the harsh environment of the sea floor, whilst incorporating new technologies, concepts and hardware to improve performance.

Project Silence integrates several important systems and improvements over other designs to make it the premier oceanographic surveillance system. In particular improvements in hydrophone sensitivity, by up to -72dB over its predecessor for nearly -300db of sensitivity make it a formidable system. This is achieved through an array of nine modern, imported, omnidirectional hydrophones, enabling triangulation and beam-forming. Having so many hydrophones in each unit increases redundancy significantly whilst boosting performance and increasing sensitivity. In addition to its passive capabilities, the system is equipped with with high power transducers for acting as active sonar stations with both standard and low-frequency systems. Active sonar however is typically only activated during times of war, or extenuating circumstances. Finally a Temperature LIDAR is used to detect the precise nature of the waters thermal gradient, particularly for mapping the thermocline.

To take advantage of the wealth of data, each node is now equipped with an advanced, moderately hardened computer, boasting a SoC running at 1.8GHz, capable of performing 420 MFLOPS, 1.5GB of hardened RAM and high quality pre-amps and ADCs, 256 channels for processing hard-ware accelerated audio and 2TB of semi-permanent buffer storage. This enables much of the processing to be performed locally, and as a distributed network via high capacity fibre optic communication cables linking each unit to each other, and to the monitoring stations. All of this is powered by a [sup]238[/sup]Pu radioisotope thermoelectric generator featuring a 5kg core providing 250W, with a 500kJ capacitor bank, for powering the active systems (fully charges in 30 minutes).

Each of these units is protected from the harsh environment of the seafloor in a cube of marine rated concrete, sealed with a 30mm hydrophobic polymer coating. Totalling approximately 880kg in half cubic metre box.

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Majority of armed forces are tasked with defending the homeland with currently no men stationed abroad. One division has been relocated to Hierro Island and the 2nd Army, as always, is tasked with defending the island of Naboo.

At present the navy is deployed primarily for home defence whilst maintianing force projection capacity within the East Atlantic Rim. Increased importance of Naboo has seen additional deployment to South East Asian Pacific region to protect important supply lines.

Submarines are primarily arrayed in offensive deployments with SSBNs deployed to back up their retaliatory strike capacity. A sizeable SSN force is located within the Indian and Pacific Oceans, however there are sizeable deployments to other oceans, in particular the Atlantic.

1st CVBG - Hierro Coast
2nd CVBG - Indian Ocean
3rd CVBG - Pacific Ocean
4th CVBG - Bay of Bengal
5th CVBG - South China Sea
6th CVBG - Pacific Ocean

At present there are no particular threats to the homelands. Efforts to reinforce Hierro are underway with several more squadrons awaiting delivery. However due to many unrelated ongoing events that we are not part of, global tensions remain at a moderate level.


The EYE Network is now operating at or beyond required specifications with all planned stage 1 alterations complete. Construction of a research station link is underway for testing, upgrading and researching stage 2 OTH.

Having removed LIDAR thermocline sensors due to budget constraints, units are in full production. A small testing array has been constructed of 30 units, however plans call for 800 units to acheive desired saturation levels.

Control of Naboo military satellites that have remained fuctional has been regained including SDI units. Software has been altered to cover all current terrioties, and five new satellites have been launched to maintain operational levels of the old systems until a replacement system can be created. Expected interception rate is at 60%.

fixed and Mobile anti-air missile batteries have been extensively deployed across the nation, capable of intercepting aircraft and missiles with high altitude capabilities.

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[size="6"]OMNISCIENT NEWS NETWORK[/size][/b]

[size="5"]A[/size] national crises was declared today as Tropical Cyclone Monica hit the coast south of Rangoon. The Cyclone, which hit formed as the already strong Monsoon season began to peak unleashed violent storms and waves across most of the nation with the coastline battered for days on end. Low lying flooding and mudslides have displaced tens of thousands of inhabitants as residents flee to major cities inland. With the death toll already at several hundred and thousands more missing the damage continues to rise. With the monsoon season already causing several hundred million in damages, experts warn that the figure may rise to over a billion before the season ends, making this one of the most expensive disasters in the nation's history.

The government released a statement today that the national armed forced would be tasked with assisting further evacuations, preventing damage and rebuilding. In the mean time great refugee settlements have formed outside major cities. Charity organisations are present providing food, water and clothing with the government pledging further support.

OOC: War damage.

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