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Scramble for the Assembly


Assembly of the People - National Election  

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[b]OOC Disclaimer: Depending on how the poll goes and the seriousness of votes this poll may be binding or not. Also, only active CNRP players allowed to vote, all others are not counted.[/b]

[b]Socialist Alliance[/b]
The Socialist Alliance is by far the biggest party currently in the Assembly, originally founded by the former Empress during the resistance against the former Greek government the Alliance has been in the government of the Federation since its foundation guiding it throughout the world and beyond.

Political Spectrum: Left
Ideology: Hellenic Socialism
Leader: Alexandra Notaras

Main Election Promises:
-Maintain an efficient and fair social security system
-Improve healthcare and education
-Convert international involvement of the Hellenic Force to maintain a more peacekeeping approach in conflicts.
-Remove inequality based on region of origin
-Keep unemployment under 5%

[b]The Dove Party[/b]
The Dove Party is a political group inspired by pacifist movements of the past, it seeks a higher state within the world and the formation of a new order not build around a strong rifle but around strong words. Due to its ideology both the party as its electorate mostly consist of people between the ages of 18 and 30.

Political Spectrum: Center-Left
Ideology: Pacifism
Leader: Charon Karagounis

Main Election Promises:
-Prevent the country from entering into aggressive wars and limit involvement in international pacts
-Improve healthcare, education and the social security system
-Open up some government controlled industries to the private sector but under extensive regulation
-Recognize peaceful Irish resistance movements

[b]Liberal Union[/b]
Created from a young union of the Athenian Capitalist Union and right parties from the New Palma Republic the Liberal Union is a party seeking to put more attention on the individual and limit the meddling of government with the people themselves.

Political Spectrum: Right
Ideology: Liberalism/Capitalism
Leader: Ioannis Venizelos

Main Election Promises:
-Implement a flat tax of 30% for all incomes rather than the existing progressive system
-Open up all government industries to the private sector
-Decrease deployed military and increase domestic police
-Drastically cut the amount of departments and government personnel

[b]Democratic Party[/b]
The Democratic Party is a traditional center party with focus on more liberal policies.

Political Spectrum: Center
Ideology: Liberalism
Leader: Silvio Verdini

Main Election Promises:
-Severely cut the budget of the Department of Defense
-Decrease involvement of the Athenian Federation into international pacts and agreements
-Remove inequality based upon region of origin

[b]Green Party[/b]
The Green Party is an environmentalist and socialist group seeking to create a cleaner and better Federation, perhaps even world. It was originally formed by some smaller environmentalist groups and does not enjoy too much support from the electorate.

Political Spectrum: Left
Ideology: Environmentalism/Hellenic Socialism
Leader: Hektor Gabris

Main Election Promises:
-Implement environmental regulations to clean the air
-Import means of producing fusion power and other cleaner sources of energy to replace the last poluting power plants left
-Decrease involvement of the Hellenic Forces to the world and decrease budget of the Department of Defense

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With a surprising attendance of 95% of the electorate the elections have been concluded. Not completely unsurprisingly both the Democratic Party and Liberalist Union have gained a lot of voters in the wake of the ban on nationalist parties. Experts expect this isn't so much a vote in favor of their policies but rather a no vote against the existing coalition of the Socialist Alliance, The Dove Party and the Green Party.

In the ruling coalition there have been some moderate shifts. The Socialist Alliance has gained another 40 seats which experts claim to be unhappy voters of the Green Party which in recent years has moved closer to the center. With this move a large amount of voters have moved from the pacifists to the greens.

While the Socialists would officially get the initiative on formation it is expected the monarchs will once again honor the agreement reached between the socialists and greens where the latter gets initiative on the term that the majority of Magistrates are socialist.

The Fifth Assembly of the People will be:
Socialist Alliance: 1667 seats
Democratic Party: 1000 seats
Liberalist Union: 1000 seats
Green Party: 667 seats
The Dove Party: 666 seats

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