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Angevin Steps towardsr recognizing the government of England

Maelstrom Vortex

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## Private Dispatch to England ##

We are preparing to occupy the Embassy that you offered us in London and to recognize your government, but to do so we have one stipulation. We would like to monitor your next elections and ensure that the vote is accurate. Would you have any qualms about us doing a secondary count of your ballots. Ideally what would happen is your counters would tally the vote and then for the sake of accuracy and error checking, one of our polling officers would also note the vote. Any discrepancy or disagreement would be noted for post election review by your election boards to make it easy to troubleshoot any voter fraud, count errors, or marking ambiguities.

We could then also validate the vote for the international community.

Joan Clemenceau
Angevin Ambassador to England

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ooc: Oh! Well then.


The embassy team poured over the votes, performing a second recount of the ballots. They ruled out the fascists as the victors due to voter fraud, as the previous team had done. Additionally, they found a few odd discrepancies and reported them to the voting board, but overall nothing that would have changed the final determination of the election. At most it may point to some methodology changes for the next election to improve accuracy.

The next week, an embassy official announced to the public, "After critical review of the voting record provided by the government of England out of concern for its own processes and in genuine good will towards we Angevins who have a stake in the welfare and stability of their neighbors, we have come to the determination that the vote count is indeed accurate and hereby recognize the current standing Government of England with no need for any replacement of any elected official. While some of the races were tight, none of the discrepancies were of significant margin to throw the races. The mutual embassy in Angers is now open to English occupation at a time of their choosing."

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